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Seven twenty WGN Chicago time for the news. Here's Roger badesch. We've got some light rain falling around the area. Right now, seventy degrees at O'Hare protesters were heartland alliance on Saturday, the company operates camps, where immigrant children who've been separated from their parents are capped Rachel Cohn of feminist action says President Trump seems to love talking about Chicago for the people who are already forced to live in the shadows now facing a new threat museums of fear. I think it's really important that we have visible protest like today to say, we welcome people from all over the world and Trump had threatened ice raids today in large cities across the country, targeting two thousand families who received deportation orders. He's delayed that plan for two weeks. Dozens were arrested in climate change protests in the heart of Manhattan. More from ABC's Brian Clark demonstrators calling for action on climate change blocked, traffic outside of the new year. Times building here in New York City while some hung banners from the building. The demonstration was organized by the group extinction. Rebellion this protests are called the seventy people arrested brave people should be thanking them, they're gonna go sit in a jail cell now to fight for something that will impact every single one of us a spokesperson for the time said, no national news organization, devotes more resources to covering climate change than the times. Brian Clark, ABC news, New York. President Trump changing his stance on Iran now saying hopes they can become good friends with the US joking that he'd like to help them, quote make run great again. ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has more including Trump's decision, Thursday night, not to launch an airstrike against that country learning. More about his abrupt decision to call off a retaliatory strike with just minutes to spare the president now says he made the decision after receiving a more accurate count on potential casualties Vig like the idea of them knowingly. Shooting down unmanned drone, and then we kill a hundred and fifty people. I didn't like that. The president consulted with competing voices and sources say, he ultimately went against the advice of his national security adviser, John Bolton. That is ABC Cecilia Vega. Reporting representatives of aqua Illinois met with residents of university park who wanted to know when they can use their tap water. Again, Craig Blanchette, as aqua illinois's president says they think they know what the problem, we believe chemical adjustment up here in university park has caused a deterioration of the protective coating inside the pipes inside the homes was waving the June water Bill for customers will cover the cost lead testing.

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