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I was a good driver. Oh good job good job. I didn't get that sam. You've got a busy weekend coming up. Yeah very last minute. So by the way before he announces he just abandoning us. Basically so last minute. I'm flying up to alabama. And i'm going to join my girlfriend savannah for some prom. Festivities outing understand this. Because she's a house you started graduated from high school. She's in college college. How are you guys doing so. We're not actually doing the actual prom dance itself. We can't get in if we had done this process early enough. We could have gotten tickets and we could have gotten in y if you're under twenty one but since this was literally thought of like yesterday night we're not gonna get to go to that but a bunch of her brother and a bunch of kids doing like dinner and pictures before and then afterwards at her house. They're doing a party in the guys are gonna sleep over there and stuff so we're going to join in on that we're gonna get all dressed up we're gonna take the pictures and we'll just do everything but the dance essentially so it's kind of like what they did on big bang theory when they went back in time and did the yeah basically it. Well we actually have a fake dance on the roof. Either but it'll be kind of hard because what else slanted really bad. And that would be weird. I mean we try and make it work. Do a fake dance. Maybe at the when you can't you can't you can't do that so anyway but i get up at four in the morning and by the way he would get up at four in the morning for anything except for his girlfriend or celebrities or anything pop culture so there you are right there. Just say you know that. And that note. I'm canceling my trip to The high compliment savannah. Who treats you the same as his pop culture. Yeah well we should probably talk about some of the stuff that people came to listen for. Thanks for enduring us. I hope that You have a good time listening. Dust geek out about some things but anyway Samuda i at so episode to the falcon and the winter soldier is out and in typical tattooing zones fashion. We're going to spoil it all and speculate as responsibly. As we can cause a lot to speculate about. I mean we finally learned the name of aaron kelman's character there could have been in another captain america. This whole time and santa bucket. Go to couples. Therapy follow seems the all right. Then keep your secrets steps..

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