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La chargers he is entering his fourteen th nfl season he is a sixtime probowler more than forty three hundred yards and thirty three touchdowns in 2016 nearly forty six thousand career passing yards three hundred fourteen cds he was the fourth pick overall in two thousand four out of ncb state the la chargers opened up at denver on september eleven th and on top of all that he recently partnered with groove rings which one right now by la charges quarterback philip rivers fill up it's great to have your back how are you hey jim great to be on doping is great to have you on so may ask you first training camp is due to open up in less than two weeks so when it comes to this part of the summer filled are you trying to soak in the last few days or you just eighteen to get to and get to work twenty twenty out about right now every year we were my wife strip it looks very does every year turk give away from kirch where i am overjoyed great family and we're gonna work now get ready but uh it took on right now we're you've got to look at a twenty nine per tonne it's almost like the very end of vacation have you been gone for week or two weeks it's great when you start but then by the very end you're ready to get back to work is the example uh so i had matt ryan on yesterday and he talked about how much these changes a quarterback since you arrived in the league especially as relates to preparation nick hardwick a former teammate of yours was recently talking about your brain all the knowledge of accumulated over the course year career so in your opinion how much of being an nfl quarterback is about physical skills and attributes that how much is just about the mental side of the game well it appears what that what you're critical skills menagerie or how you have to rely on the middle part of it certainly urgent are to be really good at boat.

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