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Lot to do with shooting. You find out where the buzz is coming from. Why's that's Biko ticking wise, my remote control, not working a lot of things that make you trouble shoot. And I think I've just trained myself. I think my math background, math, calculus, physics, all that stuff to help me in my critical thinking skills. And I think that that is one of my biggest strength is coming to a solution quickly. I'm this curious because we're both kind of same line of work now where we started. Off with one man in a letter, and then you build this business, and then all of a sudden you step out of the day to day grind, but now you're grinding from the managerial side, you're managing. So do you get sick of the point, like all ideas? I feel like I fix problems from the moment. I wake up my phone rings, so sometimes go to bed. All I'm doing is fixing a homeowner's problem or subcontractors problem. And sometimes it's the end of the day, and I'm like, if anybody asked me one more freaking question about fixing anything, I'm gonna lose it. And then and then when I'm at that point, I just don't answer my phone because I know I'm just in a bad mood you'd be you'd be better off, not answering because what dialogue you would have may not be positive and let your your phone voicemail, pick it up and then take twenty breaths and you can call them back in the morning or later on that after noon. Yes, I've gotten to that point and. Not only that, but whenever you're problem solving all day, it's hard to get traction. You know, you're trying to build positive momentum in your company and your literally like standing still kind of spinning your wheels. But I mean, that's just good to go to new contractors, even tell him you, let's do it right the first time they're ask me questions if you don't understand it so that we don't have to do it again and so on and so forth. So I mean, that really, really is important for sure. Yeah. Okay. So do you feel what you feel like your biggest weaknesses? Sometimes we talked about being over an extension of strength. Do you feel like you have something else that comes your mind? No, I'm very, very weak in the fact that I for one, I trust people. I try to trust them until they made me not trust them. And unfortunately sometimes that gets the point to where it's it's hurt the company or my family or something. Not not big biting means, but I am very trustworthy. The other thing about an entrepreneur, nothing John. You probably going to relate to this as well is ready fire aim to? I'm not. I don't think things through that. I'm not a good planner. I'm good problem solver and probably the reasonable could problems offers because typically create the problems. You're not always flyer. Say, always. I'm getting better, but I fire, I crap. I missed. I need to go to the left a little bit instead of trying to focus in on like I just blast it and I'm like, oh, close. Let's SCO. Yeah, this is. Is a little bit. Yeah, exactly. I'm, I am. I will rather do something and fail and learn than plan and not fail. So I'm trying to teach my children that as well. It's okay to it's okay fail. I love failing because as long as you fail forward, you're making traction and you're learning and you're allowing other people to help you succeed as well. So so that's really what my goals are is to learn from all failures that are have in other failures of people. You know, I don't mind learning from other people's failures, and so that's why I like to have a circle of influence in some mentors that kind of lead some some failure stories for me, but but I think that's one of my biggest weaknesses is ready fire aim for. Sure, absolutely. Hang onto, we have. Okay. What is the biggest thing that God stern and of you right now that you're excited about? You feel like maybe it's like God. Thing. Well. Stirring inside of me, I'll have a senior in high school. Yes. So I think I'm overreacting just a little bit. So I'm I prayed daily for the patients of my son in the direction that he's going in is a great kid. Don't get me wrong, but is foreign of productivity is online gaming..

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