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His covering orange county angel rat log on down the news about a different sheriff's department it's been six months since the la county sheriff's department deployed its first drone now at wants to hear from the public about the way that it uses drones and whether it should put more them into the sky a story from kpcc's frank stoltz the sheriff limits the use of its camera equipped drone to search and rescue bauman hazardous materials detection and sneaking up on barricaded suspects earlier this year it helped find a gunman without having to place deputies in harm's way says captain jack you'll hitches flew a few feet off the ground in alongside about house you'll says the sheriff has no plans to deploy more drones or to arm them with weapons i don't forsee that at all but some worried that policy could change hamad con of this stop lapd spying coalition which also watchdogs the sheriff warns of mission creep what are the longterm the parody of the groans ju negative union echo munity three years ago khan's coalition helped ground the la pds plans to fly drones you can comment on the sheriff's use of drones on the department's website covering public safety i'm frank stals state lawmakers are looking at a measure to take away some local control over a cell phone towers can grow can go the argument in favour is basically that the state needs to have a single approach to where those tower it should be placed a key issue here is that consistency so it isn't a hodge podge from one city to the next one county the next that's what kenyan hibbitt the deployment of these critical networks that's kish ragion with the cal innovate said represents telecommunications companies he was a guest today an kpcc's air talk.

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