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It made sense and the doctor made an effort to get her home so to speak. Yeah i mean that's blew it. That's a big deal. He of course he did during the state you need to go right. And i'm glad they remembered that when she comes back. Yeah exactly so in in obviously you know as we know for the modern era. Sarah had some feelings that were you know. Need to be resolved over the way she left in so so tickets. This was the first time i'm guessing you watch the story. No i'm slowly trotting through with other shows gang and i'm just a few stories past that one so it. This year was the first time. I'd seen okay and i watch said the second and third time in prep for this. Okay so so then your reaction to the first time you saw it What did you think having presumably watched school reunion before right. So so what did you. What did you make of seeing. How sarah jane left the first time you watched it. Well if i was. I didn't expect it So it caught me off guard. It doesn't it's not an episode where they make a big deal leading into it or ing it. Just there is at the end so it surprised me and she'd been on there what i felt like. It was a long time. Because when i wash it as a kid. I started out with some tom. Baker's in then it would go back to perky right through that with just a few Peter davison after little loop there under so many bakers that obviously that manipulates it but she just seemed like a fixture of the show to me. Yeah so i think a lot of a lot of people consider her to be the definitive classic. Eric companion maybe overall the definitive doctor who companion for a lot of people and say she's my absolute favorite. Because i hate to slide somebody else. Because i'm always trying to figure that out but when i think tom baker's my doctor right when i turn one on. Oh hey it's tom. Baker await is one of the ones would leila or slight heard. All i think i mean there was some interesting choices with that character but as i oh. I like sarah jane so so so. It's safe to say at least that surgeon is your favorite. Tom baker companion. Well she she's head and shoulders above edrich in those. Let's go without saying yes. Yeah but Address definitely not by a long shot. Leila's okay and i think they do better with her in like some of the novels but yet by far she's the best. Okay that's fair not big. I'm not really keen on the sailor. Dude harry sullivan harry sullivan ronan and then disappears. For no reason. Didn't they mentioned him a few times and then he died while the the actor died..

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