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It's not just wider. It's a hell of a lot wider. In the Mississippi River. I don't think so. I don't think so. If you look that up the Mississippi River at its widest point is 11 Miles, So I guess if if the Delaware River is a hell of a lot wider, it must be about 30 Miles wide. It's about 11 Miles, narrower, 600 ft at its widest point. Oh, Okay. And how he, by the way, One of the Grandi Newman have a song about the river. Bun. No Big River. No. Is that about the Delaware River? The Mississippi River? Oh, no. The Chiyoda River and Kaya Hoga River in Cleveland. By the way, I don't know if this is true, but one of my colors earlier today said that one Biden was making a speech in Louisiana. He actually said that no one was going to be left behind which, if that is true. Fact. Check me, Daniel. Dale. I don't know that from Washington yesterday. He did. So it wasn't today. No, but it was yesterday of the people in Louisiana. That's a pretty if I'm in Louisiana. I'm thinking. Oh, gosh, That's not you would not have confidence in those words. Why would you believe those words? Now you wouldn't obviously also how we I I do want to mention here. That there's another story about New York Council to probe Mayor Bill de Blasio mth for their unpreparedness for storm, The City Council will hold an oversight hearing on September 14th two Probe Y Mayor Bill de Blasio and the M to were caught flat footed. I just Can I get to the root cause of this right now? Donald Trump. Yeah. I think the city Council will find that why Mayor Bill de Blasio and the M to were caught flat footed is because They are Mayor Bill de Blasio and the to And it's kind of a self fulfilling thing. I think Cuomo used to have some kind of power over the M T A. But I guess it's kind of a moot point to go after him at this at this Juncture. Yes, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said. We know climate change is an unavoidable fact. Oh, of course it is. Is there anything climate change? Can't do. It's kind of like Donald Trump or doughnuts. I don't know why they're all talking about climate change. How we because you know, at one point we're talking about coronavirus. Now we're talking about Delta. At one point. We're talking about climate change. Now we should be talking about Crime, A change No crop crime. ACL, Isis, the crime and crisis. Right. This is, um er minder. Of the dangers of Crime of crisis. And how we must We? We must better must do something or other. I can't remember exactly that. How that one works. All right. I'll be back a little bit later. Howie for police blotter Facts Friday. Thank you. Grace, never in the history of real estate have government issued moratoriums against property owners been so widespread. Don't wait for.

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