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John Bailey. WJR, traffic and weather first. This report is sponsored by vacation, express dot com. Book your winter weakened escape to Jamaica. Now, you're all inclusive vacation package includes direct air from Detroit starting at five seventy nine five. Seventy nine includes your flights resort stale, food and drinks in hotel taxes or book your week on getaway with. From the JR weather center. Gusty winds continuing to drive in dangerously cold Arctic air wind chill warning in effect. Six o'clock this evening until eleven o'clock. Thursday morning, Wendy what snow showers around today, especially this morning air temperatures in the teens wind chills in the single digits below zero tonight, flurries snow showers, nine below the wind chill twenty five to thirty five below zero bitter cold tomorrow, four below zero for a high temperature with a wind chill of twenty five to thirty five below for the Weather Channel, I'm meteorologist Ray Stagich on news talk seven sixty WJR. Well, you know by now dangerously cold temperatures are on the way. And and that's with eighteen degrees. Now that feels like four that's that's a walk in the park compared to the way it's going to be so bundle up. Make sure the kids and the elderly are especially looked after and even your pets to be careful because it's very very bitter cold for them to they feel the wind chill factor. If you will. Against their bodies. Your car is feeling it to check your wiper blades. Make sure they're working. Okay. Check your coolant mixture. So doesn't freeze. If the snap to mixed correctly with the the amount of coolant with a ratio of the water. And whatever the instruction say your tire pressure falls as the temperatures fall your battery gets challenged. You know that so these are some of the things you want to look out for the next twenty four forty eight hours with your car. And then of course, have that emergency equipment in the car. Meaning some blankets coats things like that your your cell phone charger. Just be prepared in this bad weather at Absopure, they certainly know that a.

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