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Congress, New York, Senator Chuck Schumer discussed on Bill Cunningham


Council as republicans in congress prepare for a final push on their tax overhaul bill the top senate democrat gdp gop colleagues to do the right thing for their constituents it's a dagger to the heart of new york it's a jagger to the heart of new jersey senator chuck schumer speaking today at an anti gop tax plan rally in new york city many republicans worried that eliminating the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes it could hurt the voters in those states uh scandals growing in massachusetts massachusetts rather involving the claims up changing protect water on the uh uh the head of the massachusetts state police richard recue and retired after a state trooper was told to alter a drunk driving arrest record the person arrested daughter of a local governor charlie baker quickly together both of us he took full of stability during the order now trooper is bringing that trooper saying she was told to shred a log treat regarding the judge's daughter and admitted heroin addict who allegedly off actual favors for leniency fact bill marcus and big bank big game rather is making a comeback in alaska something may be in the water liquid mountains north fairbanks alaska for the karabakh taken tips from rabbits the 40mile caribou herd population is exploding from 50000 in 2010 thousand this year news from abc department of fish and game made the estimate after flying over the herd which migrates between canada's yukon territory and the white mountains in the 1970s population crashed to five thousand predator control program was put in place to kill wolves in the area and ordered protect the cavs now honors harvest a quote of as many as a thousand caribou from the heard and state organiz hunts each year.

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Congress, New York, Senator Chuck Schumer discussed on Bill Cunningham

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