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So for instance, the US being in the light growth sokoll at some point in time it brings the, we get back facially Tucson of global economic Salko reduction. Does that mean had a sort of fly across the asset classes or in a strike at bought they housing market? For instance, you know, we had a very strong property in housing market and what's the impact of different moves? It would slow that create a correction. Win a cap, easy by stone interest rates, Rausing in response to inflation or to that Ross too early. They need look at all which assets are gonna be positively in month circumstances there, inflation protected. They probably KYW. We used scenario analysis of the guys for those different things that we sorta trotted across the full fall in. So which assets positively or negatively, most scenarios have to come off of like a neutral portfolio. So before you start running it, how do you figure out what you want that neutral portfolio to be before you start tweaking it? Because of different scenarios, we used to have a long, the lie silo capture big into trains. So now we have a reference portfolio and it's designed to take account, take ULA sort of aspect. Also, sokoll suffered severe, very large, strike hot of the sokoll this Lockerbie. So mistrial process at some point said. Doesn't fold review, bow Wayne. Eighty sort of in the fun taught her ause. So that is the us in the grade on the investment committee. And then we've got delegations around that today across in the why we think that the is vice own ethical considerations. Pedal said, we're in full boss some of these scenarios well, in his most class considerations evaluation based. So this macroeconomic input this valuation and that's tricky because such by relative to history, must everything since expensive history, but it's also relative to each other. And so that's something gives a sensitive way. Would you wanna be in on the other? And then the question of how much receive on a Tyke this living full Baud macroeconomy Sahgal's end older valuation malice if history. So as you look at the forty five billion today, how much of it is being managed internal. So the moment it's only just think around ten. Now there's a number of strategies to be funded. So we have a lending strategy which will, depending on the attractiveness of opportunity is in the park one Tyco a few years to to ramp up. We have a small capstein come on board that will be allocate money. This is also a equities another the equality, strategy way, way Tyke logo to positions in companies that have hold and try to build broader relationships within which I think is an interesting one. We've got a few other strategies around attorney besa that we're doing some work with. So we got a call today, but we're looking at working with an external manager way we can take Arab pay they're paying on. So those things will be lamented this financial ether the next twelve months on that. That should bring out internal management about twenty percents. We think ultimately over the next straight for us, it'll probably got society fall forty cents, talk little bit about the rest of that pool. How do you go about sourcing external managers? It has been in the traditional y, so I haven't asset consultant ause, but we also have our tell say that the turtles hates Lee Titanic ride responsibility. We said we probably are increasingly looking at manages the, can you do something all with us? So the example of the alternative data is one of them and we've compared intently managing a with fund manager on this. And actually the proposition from fund manager had paid very well with until management. So we'll go with fund manager that instance, because it will be on Iran pay with his for also think it's, it's of that good. Something caught unique. 'cause we can't do everything and pay for good quality miniatures all the willing to work with us in a different light. It was eight, two. That's very attractive orphan suspicious way. We think we can do ourselves. It will do it SOL's. That's the sort of thinking that would apply here. Have you tackled private equity in the traditional corporate businesses. So we have a fund, the funds program that was it didn't Tomiko fact that that just doesn't work from. So we've got a legacy footfall. You're just working through in a strenuous. It's a small market for high quality providence manages..

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