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Jeff, I wouldn't be shocked if Clemson wins. I really wouldn't. So I think that Clemson will cover. I don't know if they'll win, but I think that the lose or win. But if they lose will be under five points, they'll lose I got a score of thirty four to thirty one Alabama wins thirty four thirty one. Pretty fourth weighs thirty four to thirty one. Oh so last second field goal type steal. Maybe maybe or maybe Clemson MRs 'Second fill. Oh, you all who'd he parkey. So we're for college kid, especially in that. Oh god. I feel so bad from a news in the national. All don't let that happen with a kid, please. Don't jinx them like that. I think that I think that they will. I think this would be really game. Do you think it'll be you have a ten point game? But do you think ten? I won't say it. I'll say it is very competitive match up for sure. You know what I did like? Clemson is playing this game in honor of Dwight Clark for the forty Niners. That's cool all mater Dwight Clark he did pass away earlier earlier last year due to which is very debilitating disease. And he was the iconic guy that made the catch. I read a story them. The Tigers will when they arrive to Levi stadium today, they will have a ceremony in front of Dwight Clark statue that is awesome. Yeah. So that just got unveiled this year, by the way. So well for that. I think that's cool Davos Winnie. I think is one of the coolest head coaches in all of sports, and if you don't know much about Dwight Clark, I recommend watching his football life documentary. Very good stuff. All right. So that's it for today. Hope everybody enjoys national championship. We'll be back. You will. We all will it is national championship in his time to see who the best team in college football is and then. We are going to see with the best NFL is after the civil and then we'll go to the draft. And then there's exciting time in the world of football tomorrow breakdown all of that. Plus, maybe some NBA action, and we'll see what else is going on in the world of sport..

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