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Leave them alone together. All right now, even if they do start becoming friends when you are leaving the house in Luna's in a room or in a candle or something like that, Okay? Because you just You just want to make sure because she's young. You don't know you just like with the Obon adult dog in a puppy. They using the rule is you don't take out you know kittens. I take that back in the cat world. Uh, the Tom will Kill the babies right after they're born of of tats, because that brings the female back into heat again. Okay, that's in the wild, right? But anyway no, that's no baby. So, yes. So that's what you just want to do is just give them time. Now, Then we'll see you're sitting on the couch. You know, someone's got Luna's. Somebody's got Leo. All right, and so then Pat, Pat, Pat, and just it'll just kind of watch her see what's going on. And and the worst thing they could do with Leo. If he starts growing and doing my around alone, you know, discredit. Go on Lee over to do it. Stay very calm and start petting him because what you're after is that It's a pleasing situation to have this other cat around because most people need your reaction. This used to be mine a long time ago that when the cat Dak like that, I'm gonna treat it like a dog. I'm blasting it with water Is they knock it off? But then what happens is that then the cat's s associating that other cat with it and The tension builds. Instead he gets better. Worse you'll be instead of instead of getting better. It builds and gets worse. All right. So I learned from Ah Gal, that really new cats that no, you just go the opposite. You start petting the other cat. And just let him know. Hey, look at this cat's a nice cat. You're a nice cat. Look at dawn. Someday we got all get together. You know that's the whole thing is de escalate the situation. Don't make it a situation and then pretty soon they should be able to be like if you're watching TV, you know, he might like, you know, batter and here, Satur, but you know that because this jobless she is she's gonna She's gonna hit the dirt. She's gonna lay down on her side and maybe lay on her back and a pause or a bee up. You know, like I'm surrender. I surrender. All right. She's not gonna go after him. And so that's like my addle. I did for the first eight months. And then all of a sudden she realized that with Sally beat her up that she can take her to s. Oh, that's what we're just gonna do, his baby says. So once in the candle one's doing, sniffing and getting a chance to run around the house and do some sniff. He's on their own without, you know, and then vice versa. The whole thing is his round robin here. And then, like I say, when you're out, you sitting in the kitchen sitting in the living and whatever you got one cat somebody's got the other cat, you know, And then you could try. Put them down on the floor. See what happens. All right, so just pay attention and just do it baby steps and then But the legacy if he starts really growling like you, and you know, it sounds like all hell is gonna hit the fan. Just go on and go. Oh, you're okay to start put down start pat. Numb, patting him And as you can insist, slowly try to pick him up. You know, I mean, just very calmly, you know, going to come up, but just call me keep Patton and then go put him in another room. Yeah, Okay. I didn't come back to the situation s so that's what you just gotta remain is remain calm. That's and just talk softly. Don't let any bad things happen when the interaction is happening. Okay. Okay. So the digestive Yeah. That's what I had to do with Sally. And with Adaline. Sally wants and wanted to take Adaline out. I can't tell you how many times the beginning, Adeline spent half her life on the back with the balls in the air. Point I surrender. I surrender. All right. And in this alley got to be a bully, You know, But so then what I just did is I go all come on, Sally, that petting her. And then you know she liked me. Pedestal, then should warm up to me. And he gave an ally in time to kind of turn around. Then go sit and just kind of watch me pet. Sally. You don't even like I say eventually. Now he had every once in a while they battle each other, but they get along fine now. No, but I'll keep looking. But just take your time. Don't do it too fast, because that's what's gonna bite you in the butt is what's gonna happen. Okay? And it was somebody leaves the house that you're going grocery shopping or whatever. Then, Okay, Where's the cats? Make sure that they have their own space. All right. And then And then the only time they get to try to come together is when you guys around to referee The state. Keep it light and perfect. Okay. Have fun with the munchkin cat. That is really Yeah, I know the playful and cute. I know what my Walter is a munchkin cat, not by Noel not by being bred to be a munchkin. Oh, how they got the Munchkins is basically a genetic defect. And so what happens is that like you see if you get back breeding like mother's son, father, daughter that gene can pop up and that's what my Walter is, You know, he's got the little stubby legs in the front. And then his back legs. They're taller. And anyway, And is he a Z Get older, You'll see the difference How that works, okay, and then that their face, you know, but, yeah, So this whole thing is, is that? Yeah, they are. They're cute because you're different. And yet they're gonna you have a lot of fun. So Leah Luna and Leo, what a comma. Thank you. Thank you Open that take care, but by Yeah. Yeah. So that's Walter's Got that. You know the short front legs, Google some images. I was much good cat. Yes. Yeah, they are cute s. Oh, yes, Everybody says what's wrong with that cat because about his front legs are shorter than the back legs and I said no Today, Nick defect. But everybody thinks he paid all this money for a munchkin cat. And I said no, look harder..

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