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See foucault cfo dollar or whatever with open sky for was known is too good brothers now. Impact wrestling machine. Carlin is an and dock aloes but at the time they didn't actually have a. They were calling themselves to good brothers. I think that's when they started calling good brothers in wwe. But i just called the bulletproof because you know friends would. Aj cells meant. He couldn't get fired and they were bulletproof and bullet club and except they got fired and before. That was glasgow. Cross for nicky cross now known as nikki a. s. h. Almost a superhero. And certain things off loyalties everything for the queen of spades sheena baylor. You're listening to wrestling fan boy. Mercury rone's ring rust on paramedic via various you know podcast distribution still anyway like itunes and iheartradio and stitcher whatever next to move from nfc takeover thirty six to nwea empower the all women wrestling event taking place saturday august twenty eighth and will be exclusively broadcast fight tv emanating from the caressing ballroom of the chase park plaza in saint louis missouri megan's diverse event at the national wrestling alliance has held outside of the state of georgia since the crockett cup in two thousand eighteen performers from w. a. and his sister promotions all elite wrestling and impact wrestling will fill out the roster on july thirteenth at the interview. A press conference held at to chase new. Signee and empower head honcho. Mickie james announced that camille would defend the interviewee world women's championship at empower. Though she did not reveal her opponent as of yet on july twenty eighth episode of awa dinovite it was announced bet legit. Leyla hirsch and the bunny would wrestle inborn canadian match at homecoming to determine who would face the interviewee world women's champion at empower at homecoming hirsch defeated. Bunny to challenge for the interview. World's woman championship at empower. I mean and then camille course being gigantic and layla hirsch being not gigantic came as close to face faces. I guess they could be considering. The difference in heights of the two women needs to say they were both hurting their necks looking at each other. So but it looks like it's going to be a good fight so also on july thirteenth it was announced empower. Would host the interviewee women's invitation cup. A ten woman gauntlet match featuring the best up and coming female talent in the world set for the main event of power were the winner of the tournament would earn. Nwea world women's championship match at the seventy third anniversary. Show to competitors begin to match a with a new competitor entering every human. It's with elimination. By fall or submission. only two participants are lady frost who will begin number. One tutti lynn jamie senegal chelsea green divvy malingco bianca carelli genocide masher slow vich and thunder katy. I'm doing a quick count s. Nine so i'm guessing you're gonna add somebody surprise. Maybe maybe mickey james herself probably not but still you know be interesting to see. Who would he come up with. Whoever comes out on top of that one when they're standing cross the ring from camille for the championship. Let me tell you. Somebody's gonna pay. Got it doll. Way the all whoa to soft Tall bad It just don't Is gonna be Wrestling.

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