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The station you know the people you trust ten ten wins you give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world and twenty nine and excessive heat warning in effect until six am tomorrow then in excessive heat watch goes into effect ten ten wins accuweather says still very warm and humid overnight temps dropping to only eighty one hundred clear skies then the heat wave continues tomorrow with sun humidity and a high of ninety three but those real fields closer to one hundred degrees good evening i'm donavan wins news time at the tone ten thirty good evening i'm mario once the president says he will now his selection for the retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy in a week during his campaign he had pledged to choose judges who would overturn roe versus wade that made abortion legal republican senator susan collins of pro abortion rights gop member says she'll ask candidates about their views on legal press candidate for this important position who would overturn roe v wade would not be acceptable to me because that would indicate and activists agenda that i don't want to see a judge have that's from abc's this week in an interview scheduled run today the president was asked if agreeing to overturn roe versus wade as a condition of becoming the next supreme court justice probably not they're all saying don't do that you don't do that you shouldn't do that but i'm putting conservative people on then a very proud of neal gorsuch cheese been outstanding his opinion you is so well written so brilliant and i'm gonna try and do something like that but i don't think i'm going to be so specific that's from fox news sunday morning futures program does democratic senator dick durbin from illinois says mr trump already told americans he's looking for someone who will overturn roe versus wade says wait there's more goes beyond the abortion debate equally important he's looking for someone on the court who will make sure that they rule that the affordable care act's protection of those with pre existing conditions is unconstitutional that's from fox news sunday wins news time ten.

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