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So technology does not have to be over i mean it really can be continuum in terms of how a patron experiences it yeah i think there's different levels i prefer to kind of like melt into the background or disappear into the background but it can't assistant in ways in enlighten and create a moment i think at the exhibition for a visitor sam has a number of locations so there's the seattle art museum this sort of the headquarters if you will downtown then there is the asian art museum which is in volunteer park which was the original location of the seattle art museum owner opened and it's undergoing serious renovation right now and expansion it is a gut renovation so they're really kind of taking everything out in just completely redoing it and it's going to be a beautiful space i think when opens up next year any discussions about the role of technology in what patrons see yes so we're we're actively looking at different solutions they're everything from an interactive map when you first walk into you know some more augmented reality mixed reality like i was talking about before we have a huge ceramics room that we want to kind of surface information that may not be evident when you're looking at a you know ancient pot from japan and may have writing on it that you may not understand and then looking at a app and see oh it actually means this perhaps or it is from this area and you can find out more so a lot of the things that we talked about that you've actually liked or thought about doing elsewhere might be applied and may obviously predate your arrival here but they may be applied in the asian art museum now yeah yeah i think so yeah it looks like we're rolling that out and planning right now what about the the other outdoor location of sam the olympic sculpture park which is can't recall how many years old probably ten fifteen years old somewhere in that range ten years old every year in winter there's this thing called sam lights and this last winter it's a one night celebration which seems a shame because it's really cool but it there were.

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