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Two kinds of surgeries for prostate cancer open where the doctor opens with his hands in a knife or robotic, which is not really robotic. Was that gives more put in your body either way, with open or robotic surgery for prostate cancer, most likely 97% chance The man's sexual life will be damaged, often destroyed and we'll show that data when you come in. And you'll see from surgery on the prostate 80% chance the man will be leaking urine or having damage with her urinary control. We see that so often. And number five. The thing all of these are actually seldom spoken about by the surgeon. So here a man with prostate cancer, prostate issues, and they're planning to radical surgery. We may never be the same if you have radical surgery. First of all, you may not make it through. Radical surgery, which is pretty sad to die on the table or during the postoperative period to be left. Impotent, incontinent and with his shortened Penis, yes. Radical surgery on prostate cancer is the number one cause of Penis shortening in The world. And who wants that? Because he just listen to that. And With 152 100,000 prostate cancer's a year. You probably know someone who has prostate cancer. It might be. You are loved one and by passing on the information that you get better results. Most likely keeping your sexual life and your urinary life And, of course, not altering your body, not shortening your Penis, which is done by radical surgery. You may understand why so many men with prostate cancer come here and.

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