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Had to go ahead double believe the Reds past the Dodgers, 6 to 5. And Arizona beat San Diego 5 to 1. And Val dos Tres Board of Education has voted not to renew the contract of Head football Coach Rush probes. The board made the decision by 53 vote that came after the G H s a levee to $7500 fine against the school named five players ineligible and banned the Wildcats from next year's playoffs. After allegations of illegal recruiting. You confined more sports that access W D win four minutes in front of eight o'clock We're going to find more news in four minutes as we have your eight o'clock update, but first, let's get an update on what's going on with Robin Templeton. She is the insurance source and Robin. How are things going for you these days? What are folks telling you right now? They're telling me that they're planning is your high. Well then Ross a lifetime cause People column because not just the individual step of the group policies. Well, my grandma and you know the numbers are going up. So I've been able to so many people have been able to help and I would love to keep happened. Just just call me and I think a lot of times if you don't if you don't compare it if you don't check if you have somebody like Robin, look at it. You don't really know where you stand. You may think, Okay, this is something I can afford. I'm getting pretty good deal, but you know, when you say a good deal, it's only in comparison to other deals that are out there as to whether it's good or not. So you need to make that comparison. Exactly. And you don't know what do you look into? So many people think. Oh, I could either in more than candid themselves. I told myself I'm not gonna pay somebody else to just like to do it myself. Then it doesn't cost you anything. I'm going to do it. I can help you. I could answer questions. I'm later on when you need things as things come up if you have complications, and you don't pay a dime for me to help you So and then I can show you other options. But you know what you have is the right plan. You know, we're coming to the end of the month here in just a couple of days. And as premiums and policies renew and you have the monthly charge that sort of thing to be able to save a little money before May gets here. Is it possible to maybe make a change between now and then? Um if they do it today, I think so. Okay, uh, because I wasn't step to notice changes from the one. You have to have it done before the last day of the month. Um, I think through the market so stuff, though I am in the home of the Nothing concrete. But thank you for bro that was wounded in that that boat for the terms for May. Then there's gonna own average. Most everybody is saving about $100 a month. When we go back to the redo it, we don't have to change anything. We're just going back in the rear end their application as everything's still the same and hasn't changed with us. We'll do it in its saving, and some of them are going down to zero premium a month, which is amazing. Wow. Now if we need to get the ball rolling, which I would suggest we do that right away. How do we get in touch with you and get an appointment? Absolutely. Then give me a college 775321900. I shall be.

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