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When cristiana. I saw that her. I must come and that she was the first of this company that was to go over. She called for mr greater guide and told him how matters were so he told her he was heartily glad of the news and could have been glad had the post. Come for him then. She bid that he should give advice. How things should be prepared for her journey so he told her saying thus and thus it must be and we are left will accompany you to the riverside. Then she called her children and gave them her blessing and told them that she yet read with comfort the mark that was set in their foreheads and was glad to see them with her there and they had kept their garments so white lastly she gave to the poor that little she had uncommanded her sons and daughters to be ready against the message should come for them when she had spoken these words to her guide and to her children she called for mr valiant for truth and so onto him you have in all places shown yourself true hearted be faithful unto death and my king will give you a crown of life i would also entreat you to have an eye to my children and if at any time you see them paint speak comfortably to them for my daughters my sons wives they have been faithful and a fulfiling of the promise upon the movie their end but she gave mr stern fast a ring then she called for mr honest and said of him hold an israelite indeed in whom is no guile then said he. I wish you fair day when you sat out for mount sinai on shelby. Glad to see that you go over the river. Dry shod answered come wet. Come dry. I long to be gone for however the weather is in my journey. I shall have time enough. When i come there to sit down and rest and dry me then came in that good man mr ready to halt to see her so she said to him. That travel hitherto has been with difficulty. But that will make arrest the sweeter but watch and be ready at an hour when you think not the messenger may come after him came in mr despondency and his daughter much afraid to whom she said. You ought thankfulness forever to remember your deliverance from the hands of giant despair. An out of doubting castle the effect of that massey is that you brought with safety header be watchful and cost way. Fear be sober and hope to the end. Though she said to. Mr feeble mind that western limit from the mouth of giants tonight good though midas live in the light of the living forever nc king with comfort only i advise the ten the atmos beer and out his goodness before he sends for the less i should when he comes before to stand before him. A.

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