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That's theraworx with an X thirty seven yard touchdown pass. The Josh Palmer is put Tennessee on the board twenty four to six Georgia, the balls had lined up to go for two, and I would imagine that they will continue on with that strategy. And they will as they break their sideline huddle, by the way that is the first touchdown. The Tennessee has scored against Georgia six the hail Mary two years ago from Josh Dobbs the Juwan Jennings the gate Tennessee a stunning victory here at app. Garrett. Donald lines up the shotgun with Jordan to his white to white one to the left. Title brings receiver in motion from the left Jennings stops in the backfield Garrett. I was going to send Jennings out a little further to the right? Takes the snap. Garin tunnel rolling. Right stops throws endzone incomplete. Have a two point conversion is not successful. Palmer role a little bit of high in behind him. He could bring it in. And so it remains twenty four to six with five fourteen to go here in the third at the Andre Baker on the coverage best defensive back for the Georgia BULLDOGS. But remember Ryan this all happened because of that John Walker penalty the way that the Georgia defense was playing had they not given Tennessee the first down. They probably would have scored that. Touchdown. Granted. I'm I'm kind of making things up saying hindsight twenty twenty all that stuff. But if you use your head, and you don't get to emotional this touchdown probably doesn't happen. I bet betcha. That's the same thing. Kirby. Smart defensive coordinator. Mel Tucker talking about on the sideline that's got to be something that's going to be brought up and film. This week is fellas if you don't do this. We're still pitching a shutout. Exactly that. I mean, you talked about it don't have a stupid penalty. And that's exactly what they got. Did you know fifty thousand NCA student athletes?.

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