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And listen if you like to get to know me like i said before. Make sure you follow me on on seventeen at g. money. Stacks queens new york gene money. Stacks queens new york or live seventeen also also Ecorse be sure to follow. Be sure to follow The a good friend of mine I will be reviewing his music. Rose be sure to follow scope. Up mr phil aliens alongside with School optimistic not to be confused with optimus prime folks they are still quote. A break was podcast right now. And and and you know make sure you follow. Make sure you follow them on making your follow them on instagram alongside with With the mighty. Iv who has whereas You know ross zone roseanne Let me pull up the youtube link youtube on channel handle before i didn't butcher this or eight. Let me police up. Hang on guys. nbc cnbc. They made sure butcher this. And who's news. Tammy begging for the snack Let me lifting limitless for the thing. All right Sorry guys so as A roars You see wanna see. Let me see home so Let me see Of state again. Sorry for way folkestone For a youtube channel dash described to recently and this is pertaining to sports. Podcast in one on you. Okay so she wanted to know about the brain sports caster coming up next. You can subscribe to the youtube channel. Which is raw zone. nyc And to spell out r. a. w. r. n. nyc as r. a. w. r. z. o. n. e. nyc as rosalind nyc. That's where you could watch the break. Sports podcast with with scope. Up marie in katie aka mighty ivy. And atman be sure to follow them on instagram. Which is mr phil films alongside with. Marie which is m. f. underscore optimist not to be confused with optimist. Private insurance former man. Listen and also while i'm on instagram. Handle thing you can also follow the show off meat. Red chains new york podcast or facebook instagram. All in one word alongside with modest show take values podcasts. Which i just did a review yesterday for Mister tko k. a. T. howard for those. Who may not know he is a bronx new yorker who is the co host of the all time struggle podcast Homeboy corey does it. All crazy too wild alongside with With the rest of the crew so shouts to them and also also you can follow me on the ground which is jimmy dykes rafferty five including new york and also be sure to keep an eye out for might third show which is going to be dedicated to sports and i will discuss the meaning behind the show. I will discuss that so it is so you could follow my third podcast. Show would call excellent fun vibrant podcasts. Are which is the sports edition. Show dedicating to the east. The stories in sports regarded athletes. You know not to stats but But no basketball baseball football tennis. There's of course you know. The olympic games like running track of course volleyball.

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