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Technologies were pass laws. I mean what practically would having people be fired up about trans humanism do well. That's the best question the great question. That's exactly what i'm trying to do. My main goal here with running for office and my main goal of spreading trans humanism is to get more money into the hands of the scientists who are making the movement happen. You have to understand right now. United states congress. All five hundred thirty five members are president or vice president all nine supreme court justices. They believe in an afterlife and they say they believe in god so they they have no real reason to pass laws to put money into the hands of the scientists who want to end aging and living deathly and upgrade ourselves to this kind of future. Now the problem with that is in the entire government doesn't want to give money to it. It doesn't happen really only private industry doesn't we need an american culture on board with trans humanism and so i run for office in hopes to say look. We're going to take instead of like a jain. Military fighting wars in afghanistan and iraq iran and other places. We're going to take that money or a lot of it and put it into creating a science industrial complex. In america that's dedicated to ending aging and upgrading. The human being. It's a very different kind of way. I'm interested in. Americans healthcare and not healthcare in terms of what system. It is but in terms of eliminating disease. And that's a very transhumance idea that our president right now doesn't share whatsoever president. Who's cut the budget of the national institute of health. I want to mention. Yeah the this is but you're running as a republican. This is your this. Is your opponent and you gotta you gotta hit them hard on that i do. It's my main message. Is that you know. Honestly trump's done pretty good economically. I know maybe the working classes and field so much but he does have the stock market highs and so it's kind of tough but one thing he has done that hasn't been great as he hasn't. He's not only cut the budget of the national institute of health but he hasn't made a culture where science really thrives in china it's thriving china's our main competitor at this point so probably within five years not only will. China lead the world in genetic editing. But they're going to be wealth through as a nation it's game over for american terms of leadership and who wants -tarian nation to be leading the world in science and technology so this is where i really felt trump and this is why i'm running. This is the singular reason. I'm running because ultimately i think that trump has failed the most important part of america which is science and innovation part. Well it's interesting. You mentioned china and the sort of i guess the potentially darker versions of Sort scientific achievement world leadership. I think if. I look at a lot of the things that you're talking about cryogenics. Ai it feels like particularly in the past few years has really soured around those things. So people are more in touch if anything with the failure of big tech to be transparent to actually improve lives and a lot of this sort of what feels like kind of an almost false bill of goods that we've been sold. How do you reckon at this particular moment with with the sort of bad. Pr attack is getting big tech including google about their intentions and motivations and their power to actually do good in society. Will i think you know one thing. We've noticed that all the biggest companies in the world now are basically tech companies. That something that's happened in probably going to be around for for a long time. Maybe ever and they have a bad rap. But i'd like to say that at least they've created an enormous amount of innovation that i find useful everyday certainly useful as oil companies or whatever other companies we're thriving before so i know a lot of people are upset and facebook makes everybody crazy so so does social media. I mean honestly. I'm not the biggest believer in these kind of social media things. I'm not sure if it actually is a mental disease using it too much of that's what it might create. I really don't know. But i don't like what how people behave on it and But that said i still think that the innovation that comes from it has been very worthwhile. And i think it's it's important not to come kind of completely bash big tech for doing capitalistic endeavors. I mean after all. They're not there for us. There to make money for their shareholders and that sort of the way capitalism works. If you don't like facebook just get off it so. I don't really look at this perception that i'd need to bash big tech because they haven't played totally fair. I mean thereafter there there after all make money. It's it's an interesting question though. Because i think the mood of the moment feels in this very trumpian. It's certainly connected to a lot of the democratic primary candidates but it feels like this populism in this this sense of trying to plug into disatisfaction about an unequal society. And when you talk about some of the things have trans humanism. Like i imagine peter field trying to freeze his brain forever on a or the tech elite who were trying to buy parts of new zealand so when the rest of the world burns they have a nice mountain home or something. I mean there's like this very like there's a potential for this technology that we've already seen to kind of exacerbate societal inequality and and things that i think we all would agree. That wouldn't be good. How how how do you push the trans humanism while saying like hey we can do this in a way. That's good for everybody and not. Just you know the eternal elite. I guess i'm not one of the leap at least not at this moment. So i'm also i can dream. I don't want to see the one percent become gods and leave me behind. That said i think. I historically speaking science and technology a good track record of really raising the standard of living for everybody. If you look around the statistical analysis at the moment says while the world's improving for thirty forty years mortality rates have been dropping. People are wealthier than ever and have better jobs and that kind of thing so in that a lot of that has come from science and technology and so historically speaking it has improved the standard of living. I understand are kinda zeitgeist at the moment. Everyone's like ooh facebook and google and blah blah blah. Yes it does seem kind of you know brash. On the outside but really on the inside i would never want to take away what we've gotten from technology because it has made our lives so much simpler and functional and better and so i think we just have to trust that big technology will take us down the proper path and just as a politician. I would want to be a lot more congressional hearings on ai on whether facebook is maybe a disease or something like this or encourages disease. I want to do other things like that and make sure that there is. Some oversight against goes against my libertarian biased. But even i realized that there needs to be more oversight. But again i just i question people say oh big tech is hurt the world and i'm like no way to say it's completely raise the standard again and again and again and i think we need to take a step back and try to appreciate that while also balancing our worries and having some mechanism for trying to identify things that could could be better here with another fringe candidate. Introduction mosey boyd. She's an arkansas lawyer. With a pretty mainstream and impressive resume. Who's passionate about women in politics and solving the opioid crisis and most impressively seem totally unfazed by the retail. Politicking of it even had a busy rahman shop in downtown manchester in the middle of the lunch rush running for president i would be very. Please consider voting tuesday. She did not do great in new hampshire just thirty three votes but she got over four hundred in her home state of arkansas and more than a thousand in california on super tuesday and has promised to stay in the race until the democratic convention back. Zoltan.

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