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Sons of easter moon him. Right here in sunny saint. John's newfoundland whip heathen call from their album. Lengths medals cedars a community here newfoundland called meadows. Emmy a d. o. Ws buses are metal band the call their album blends metals. Amy e. l. s. Because it doesn't work if you're not looking at it i guess metals and meadows isn't quite the same enough. I don't know before that c. osifo of seafood dollar. Whatever with watch me shine for smackdown women's champion bianca baylor or listening to wrestling fan boomer. Cronies ring rust on automatic via various podcast sharing stuff like you know well how you listening to my show that plus a bunch of others john cena making his big return money in the bank confronting smackdown universal champion roman reigns after successfully defending the title against me hall of famer edge. The next night on raw to chain gang commander made the reasons. I turned entirely clear to. His table is an overexposed and over. Hyped gimmick that. John intends to take universal championship from roman refused. Seen this challenge instead agreeing to face fin beller however a contract signing for rains versus bauer interrupted by bearing corbin opening the door for sina dhirendra terrain and signing his own. Name to the contract which wbz said was enough to make the match official so remember kitties. Next time you're overtime. Heavy co workers about to go sign a lucrative new contract just swoop on in not the sum bitch out a sign your name and said it's all good and is legally binding. Hopefully the judge overseas like. Oh he's a wrestling fan. Yeah this one time. I think. I'll let it go and ray ripley and charlotte flare. Were the women with the issue when nikki a. s. h. inserted herself at the end of episode of raw cashing in the money in the bank contract to pin flair. And wendy robin. The seidel the following monday charlotte demanded a rematch at summer slam with ripley doomed. The same adam pearson. Sonia deville announced it would instead be a triple threat match for the women's championship. So be interesting to see. I don't think i'd be disappointed for either of those women were to win. That match. nikki seems to be having a good time with the character. She's doing pair from what i hear. It was her idea and with all the female dogs out there crying like they got a skin knee over the fact that oh how can they do this. Nikki nikki. kind of did it to herself. She was her idea. So i mean if being superhero helps her out then. I hope it gives a spirit to win ravishing leading wrestling newsradio. Draw since two thousand two. You're listening to wrestling with van. Wermer gironi rigorous available lab automatic. And all major podcast sources..

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