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Anderson hauser anderson houses global leader in process automation measurement instrumentation anderson house the people for process automation and speaking of anderson hauser as our sponsor you can catch them at a trade show near you. This fall Looks like look like they are coming back. And and it's a lot of fun but anderson hauser's gonna be showcasing. Their portfolio of oil and gas application products technologies and services At the the gpa midstream conference in san antonio texas a september. The twenty sixth through twenty nineth. There'll also be it Iot a in houston october. The fourth through sixth downstream. Usa twenty twenty. One is in houston on october. Twenty one and twenty second. And then there's gonna be an automation fair in houston november the tenth through the eleven so We'll try to put some information about that in the show notes but If you want to reach out the anderson hauser on that you certainly can if you want to reach out to Directly to anderson hauser Mile linked in you are l. Contact infos always in the show notes and you can. You can reach out to me. And i can put you in direct contact with anderson hauser So i'm very excited to have on our show today. Trina angles trainer. Thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for having me. And i did pronounce that right. Ingles yes dum dum Podcast host that i am. You know i. I wait till we start doing the recording for figuring out how to save people's names but Anyway of folks listen to me to figure out what not to do a podcast. Sometimes so training people will be listening to this A few days after we've Recorded here but for our purposes Were sitting here today. we kind of dies. The bullet last night as hurricane was the name of that hurricane. Nicholas nicholas nicholas. Yeah hurricane and it. Actually it was a tropical storm. Apparently all the way up until just before it made landfall and apparently going into the news. I heard today it did. Officially hit is a cat one hurricane Just down the down the coast from us a trader in your in the houston area right..

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