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Like of rock that you guys would have on a rotation as it like to Rod. How does that work? I didn't get a question. How many bras we have your rotation? Is it like be lost six like? How does that work have a lot like? I think currently like right now I have maybe like fifteen ochre. Oh No I have about thirty something. Maybe so the sports bras are extra so say that the average woman like you guys are the women in their child have about what twenty runs after my average out of the twenty th fascinating out of the twenty bras bombing those Bobby Cologne for you. This the average woman but a lot. How many like the the bras? The high thirty dollars abroad or or or each brought thirty on. Do you have to thirty dollars. Bras and six ten no. I'm is about Dan because I have. I can't be. I hear these streets with my boobs hanging. Yeah all mine costs and like half of them a half of the ones that I have are like upwards of like forty dollars once right in in the via cheap wine in you can we ever because you can't wear it or you're gonNA wear it like twice and then or wash it and it's GonNa get my stop the hand wash some of them. Yeah yeah most of them to hand washing so so so when I saw when I go I have usually when I go brush. It's like a half day. I've tried to get him his five trying to get you just trying.

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