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So Tom Brady accidentally breaks into a stranger's house kind of a goofball situ yeah Basically it was this. He with the thought he was going into his offensive coordinator's house and that'd be former Jacksonville. Jaguars quarterback Byron left which he thought it was left which is house and it wasn't it looked like his house and all of a sudden. There's a guy named David Kramer. He's the next door neighbor of left which he's like. All of a sudden holy Shit. Tom Brady is in my F- in House. This standing there brady was stopping by to pick up some materials from left. Which and the houses look quite similar. But Kramer said I'm literally sitting there in my house. Now what's his tall guy? Just walk into my house. He didn't even look at me. He just like dropped his duffel bags down on the floor and then he kind of looks up at me and I'll never forget the look on his face. He just goes in my in the wrong house and he's like I'm so sorry I'm so sorry. Grabs his bag totally gone. Don't think I've seen anyone leave the house faster than that funny. So hopefully Tom. Ratings pop processing on the football field will be a little better processing of of intended houses. I got a personal story so when my my father became the speaker of the House of Commons and we moved to Ottawa. From who was a member of parliament then then we moved in seventy four when he got appointed. And there's a house that they have for. The speaker was Mackenzie King's house and he willed it to the to the speaker he said. I want this for the for the speaker you know and so every speaker this is the house they move into and it's up in Kings Mirror Chelsea camp fortune area up there late kingsport Jimmy. Kite lives up there so I knew all those those kids. How big is the speaker's house here is while it was? It was big big. It's on it's on. I don't know sixty acres or something like that. Well it's super cool property so I spent my whole high school there. I was thirteen in seventy four when we moved there. Anyway it was. It was fantastic place but just down the road you know about half a click is the Mackenzie King Tea Room okay. It's a restaurant tea room. I don't know if you've ever been up there and went up with your wife or anything. Not So it's public restaurant but as I say you gotta go back past the speakers residents to get to this house and and very often. Steve Not uncommon at all for people to think the speakers house was this tea room and they would come wandering in front of all the time. I remember my mother waking up in here and it wasn't the first time this happened going. No this is a private residence. I'm not serving. Ut and fucking biscuits. Okay that's down. She dropped Annette along too. I like it I could hear. No this is. I think she turned away when the finally left. But it happened all the time then. They finally put up with so funny story. Anyway I imagine how cool that'd be sitting in your living. I would and Tom Brady walked in. You would think you would think this some arrangement that someone made to surprise me with something. You know something like that. Yeah no obviously they don't always hey Saddam now. Gets you a beer? Come on this is great. The one experience I had like that just happened a couple of months ago. I'm sure I've done more than once. I shouldn't say that but two months ago I'm coming into the computer store on Maryvale and so I get into what I think is my car and don't think anything of it. I sit down. Take my keys out. Put them in the ignition. The additions not turning for some reason but in this case like my car right now sometimes when it's parked and I turned the ignition. It's jammed and so what I have to do is kind of move the car a little bit usually if I rocked back and forth really hard my seat the key turns fine to Sir unlocks jams so here. I'm the parking lot I'm rocking back and forth like a lunatic and shaking the car like crazy and as I'm doing that and like this is what's going on then notice. A briefcase never seen before in the passenger floor. So I'm clearly in someone else's car and immediately I'm thinking. Oh my God if the owner comes out right now while I'm in this mode like he's not only gonNA catch me in his car but having some sort of seizure in the car at the same time that would have been difficult to explain but that just happened a couple of months ago before this whole thing started with cove it. I want to go back to the car you had. You never decide to get fixed. Just go okay. I've got a rock back and forth wakes tig locks for some reason. I don't know why I'll tell you this. I'll tell you this crazy story about getting into the wrong car. Okay and your Heart's GonNa just go. What when when you hear the so you know. Evanston is blistering cold in the winter and everyone leaves their cars running when you run into a place right. You know you're not supposed to because there's been incidents where people were people hanging out with these places and then just steal cars happens and so this friend of mine this chick I knew. She has a van and pulls in front of the eight and leaves her car running to run in and get something. Okay right. And she comes flying out it's like minus thirty five jumps in her van and starts to take off in the parking lot as so she's drives twenty five yards through the parking lot and has got to wait to get out and traffic and all of a sudden. There's there's three people. Okay Steve on the side of the van trying to smash the window in and get at her. Why they're they're fucking yelling at her screaming. Stop the stop. The you know she got in the wrong van. Steve Okay Similar Vans. That were both running. She jumped in the wrong van and started taking off. So that's not the problem. Steve Okay. She would've eventually maybe figured it out. The problem is the idiot in that van. Who left running had their kid. No child seat in the back of the van and this guy walks up to see someone pull away in his van with a kid in the back. Fucking crazy right there. Only screaming at her ripping around the band. Can you can you imagine not as well? Well what happens to backfire? On the guy courses they call the cops on this guy seeing leaving his fucking kid in Nevada right so she takes off in someone's van with their kid in in the child seat. Jesus blows away my story totally getting the wrong car. Wow that's not right. We should get out of here. Stevie Jim here's my secret. I tweeted out this morning. as you know. I've been painting my whole house right. I put it all back together. Okay yesterday spent spent these scrubbing floors and purging. And all this stuff and I moved some shit around Yup and obviously when you paint you've got to take all the pictures down on the wall. I've got pictures all over my house. I you know I just stick on the wall with stuff that I have family shit or someone sends me stuff and people. So I'm looking online. Steve and people are telling you how to how to measure pictures. How you do it. What level they're supposed to be out on the wall Steve. Okay the you know it's supposed to be at eye level and here's how you measure it. And the wires are always five four to six inches below the top frame. The picture so make sure you calculate the four or five inches make sure you measure that distance and then measure the distance that the nail is GonNa go from the from the wall up to where the nail would go in and then make sure. We measure from center to center if you're putting pictures beside each other. Yeah Yeah Okay so you gotta be really careful Steve Or you gather up the twenty photos that I had in pictures and you fucking grab a nail hammered into wall and you hang the picture and so I've okay. That's how I do. It's yeah okay anywhere. No doubt you can look at my twitter and you'll see how it took me five minutes. Steve to hang up fifteen or twenty pictures. Okay just take a nail drive it in their hang. The picture drive a nail in somewhere else. Hang the fucking picture. Five minutes Steve to hang up completely unraveled. How good your night? Nice new paint job now. That's all anybody's going to see. It looks like if you took all those pages down now. Pictures down now paintings and pictures. Steve Pick paint pictures. The combo pain. That's the to solve that down. It looks like someone took shotgun to the wall. The whole everywhere. 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