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Ground bernie the bob graf now by grafters very good oh no one buyer where else from loser news run china well i'll be a girl drowned morale momma read loves to lower the same guy who who wrote the book hamilton on which the play was based well i'll slow schlais well inspired the manuel miranda's to come up with the boy i mean it was that kind of a book logitech sean miller but counter the death of our garner man i can embryos pau number nibiru shown no there's not enough time to innovators pitiful me in there is don't have you take an hour or whatever it is you take the near previously nobody's listened to but um well she flies monceau goes up people in from our don't you're bernie of keep masuda of our if we like them it's not just the first half while you no but you're right the time just a whizzes biennial a damn some of the gut events off cernan amount of oh law a hope we have i read it older they've time for their children airolo stars luhn boy but what boil he mata ahead of done all know their mother editon footballer and i offer aplus hello of so mental circle of the hour all civil it's coming up soon what we've got job monday night football flag of the eagle's lair look great carson once through four more touchdowns improved to six in one so we've got that coming your way we're going to hear from the brand new mets skipper we got world series joins a night but here's what's exciting you are men i remember super bowl week how much you enjoyed super bowl trivia oh yeah so with that so far luck to win modern and running they ended up you want a bunch of things that were never delivered that's right well it's fine yeah so for us an abortion is going to give him an that's exactly right run with world series game one about distort to let you know going through the review women bought world series trivia all right down i the kids my short wave time i'll do what now quickly justify great live videy this hall of fame outfielder won the mvp of the.

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