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Small business man and I think he's he's great I one of my favorite legislators is Paula Deen from cars only random on the of the hallways really I think he's very he's the one who came up with this education agenda than the Republicans are pushing and and it's not going to pass but I think it's important Republicans do propose agendas and and issues so that we can use those as as comparisons and contrasts with Democrats and Paul did a great job that's what we need more of what it with more than bashing Democrats yes it is saying that you know yeah who we are and what we stand for some writing and offering these these really bold workable concrete yes No pathways to victory here yes just stuff that work and consistent with our values and that there's so much yes there yeah and I'm with you that's what I see happening in the GOP is we're getting more those folks involved too who have the ability to have the vision but to put together you know that the way to get to the vision right yes I know I'm I'm excited I'm optimistic but Dick we've got a minute left what else should the folks know let's watch this impeachment a charade going on and I think our our US senators and are are doing a great job and are the as in the trump legal team is doing a great job let's get this over with thank you for watching going he in the end will Mitch McConnell be able to keep the G. O. P. together I'm not off to and their goal clearly right now is to avoid witnesses will they be able I think he will the damn I just don't think the Democrats have made any kind of dance at all in this in this process and if that continues which I assume it will I I think he can hold together the the research kind of shaky Republicans right now I think the Democrats have of a couple of fatal flaws baked in the cake one is the shops and we have an overwhelming case but we need these witnesses right that that's just not in a claim with your friend and the other is they need two or three days to state their case wasn't even if you can't state your case in an hour you don't have a case exactly known to me yes or or or at least most of it in an hour particularly after they've had all of these other processes yeah eight two supposedly put it together what what what do you need three destined to do good question have you ever gone to a court room and told the judge I need three I'm gonna try that sometime yeah yeah sometime when I really want to spend the night in jail so I'm gonna to us right but while off its last question I have for you is because I I do I just think it's so important that Cory Gardner wind Colorado yes if it and you have one so much in the state if you're advising Cory Gardner what do you tell him is most critical to winning against John Hickling he needs to aggressively go out campaign and go after taking over I mean the other the campaign overall and then Corey needs to get out there he could not come across as the incumbent who is is kind of staying in the in the background Corey has got to be the challenger that's where he's most comfortable that's how we became a U. S. senator to begin with Hickenlooper is perfect to create that contrast with and Corey is one of the most dynamic Connie campaigners we've seen ever in Colorado and if he replicates that which I know we can he will be reelected yeah don't hide your light under a bushel don't hi I'm Cory garner and I'm always most concerned about a great candidate being over managed aha you know I I I'm with you completely hot Corey be Corey yeah you know put him out there he will he will win the battle right showing tremendous job behind the glass my friend Preciado as always tomorrow of course will be on top all the low lights from this crew attempt back in DC we'll have much more as well thanks for your time today Dan capitalistic Wadhams funded and kept pushing now impact traffic.

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