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Will of the people has been heard on the world of people has been heated. We've learned again. Democracies. Precious democracy is fragile. At this hour. My friends, democracy has prevailed. So I still get Texas say not my president. I get Texas say, boy love Lady Gaga and J. Lo singing at this thing, So it's all over the place. And does that surprise me? No, it's a Give or take a few percentage is a 50 50 Nation. Thanks for joining the show and listening today we obviously have live coverage for about an hour and 15 20 minutes of the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamila Harris. I should add Interesting moment I just witnessed as I was watching the monitors as the former vice president and his wife, The second lady and the current vice president and her second gentleman husband walked down the steps of the Capitol. I mean, interesting moment. Couldn't have two people more. Politically opposed in those two but still managed to pull together and walked on stuff together. This is kind of got a couple of phone calls, but I just want to read a couple of Texas. I got a ton of text that people are responding to my question. John. I do not like Joe Biden do not like comma Harris. My biggest one is who they will blame now that 45 is out of office. But as of January 20th is buying my president. Yes. Why? Because I'm American. I refused to act like a child. Like someone who claimed Trump wasn't there, President for the last four years, so I think vital. Be good President. No, don't want to see Biden fail. No, because I'm American. I don't want to see America feel I wish death upon by just because I don't like him. No again. I'm not like those who prayed for Trump's death for the last four years. Just because didn't like him. Why trust our government? Not a chance of fear of the next four years. I fear for our economy. I fear for small business owners. I fear for our health care. I fear for what's to come after these next four years. I hope and pray I'm wrong. One way to look at it. A couple quick tax will get to the phone lines as you burying Johnny on the line, Steve and then 262. I'm a die hard Republican by two. Like many Americans and feeling hopeful today. I wish nothing but the best for Joe Biden's presidency. Whoever I had my doubts as to how he's going to unite the party's for one, putting his $15 minimum wage bill into the covert relief package, Not a good start. In my opinion, A lot of people have said that Richard from Watertown. My vote was against Mr Trump, Not for Mr Biden. Interesting political choice. There was going to phone lines Berry calling from L Corn. Good morning barrier in the B. C. M. J. Good morning, Steve. I listen your show a lot, and I enjoy it. I like your middle of the road. Rational perspective. Appreciate them. I am a tooth. Yeah, I'm a two time Trump voter, and I'm fiscally conservative. I own a business I'm socially liberal on thinks I'm an American. I think Donald Trump had a lot of positive accomplishments. I'm happy that America benefited. I'm not a fan of career politicians at all, but I accept President Biden's victory. Um, I hope And I'm praying for him. I hope that he does well for America on by support him and I and I hope that we can come together in the country despite what we've seen. Do you think which I like to make sure I'd like to one more point. I would like to make a pitch to our legislative branch. Why? You have very little respect for way need to put Trump in the rear view mirror in the history books on impeachment. Continuing this is not going to do anything. They need to get to work for America. We need to get theater. We lose bury their lawsuit. Very. But the point is a good one. I think I was gonna ask you this question. Actually, I think the next three weeks are going to challenge us three weeks or beyond that, depending how long the impeachment trial takes. We will test that idea of unity. We will test that idea of sending our differences aside. And actually working together. I don't have A lot of optimism. That's gonna be the case. Here's the thing, though, and I said this before, when I was talking about this next few weeks. If what Mitch McConnell said yesterday. Is actually indicative of what other Republican senators are thinking. This could be over rather quickly, and it would be a So his call to the caller's point. Quick shutdown of any future political future for Donald Trump. And Unless you're really a fan of Donald Trump and want to see him running 2024 that actually my opinion would be a good thing for the Republican Party. Let's squeeze in Johnny here calling. Hey, Johnny. Yeah. Hey, Hey. Good morning, Steve. Hey, No. I listened to both speeches. Um, last night, the trumps, um, speech And then, um, uh, President Biden's speech, and I was impressed by both of them. It would be great, though, if you know the president's wrote their own speeches, but particularly key speeches like these, but I think I was impressed and You know, Um I just I wonder, though, um I don't think President Biden is frail and, um On and in ill health, as some have suggested some on the right of suggested he seems to have a lot of stamina..

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