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We got to take a look Definitely too early to tell, you know, but our job is just to go straight back. You pick up your new guy. And unfortunately we gotta we gotta take a look. You know, we got to get back to the drawing board. See what happened, But unfortunately, we let a guy through and they made a play and unfortunately gonna Tyler Malkovich on what happened on the blocked punt that gave the Steelers a bigger lead. And that's the difference in the game at 23 16 final, Pittsburgh gets the win and holds Josh Ellen. The Bills offense just the one touchdown pass to Gabriel Davis. Allen was sacked three times pressured pretty much throughout by Pittsburgh's pass Rush of T. J. Watt, Melvin. Ingram and Cam Heyward next to the Bills trip to Miami to play the one no Dolphins, who sit alone atop the A F. C East, the Patriots lose to the Dolphins 17 16. The Jets also lost their debut, so Miami is by themselves all alone to a tongue of Aloha. 200 yards, passing, touchdown passing and rushing touchdown as well. The Chiefs get 1 97 receiving and a touchdown from pet from Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, 3 37 and three touchdowns in a comeback win. The Chiefs beat the Browns 33 29. In the last six games. They have fallen behind 10 or more. The Chiefs have won all six of those. That's Outside of the Super Bowl, I guess would be so two regular season games because they did not come back in the Super Bowl. Sorry, I'm just Checking that stat on my own in real time, James Winston five touchdown passes. Saints Blow out the Packers Matthew Stafford's debut for the Rams. It went well. 3 21 3 touchdowns. 34 14 The final Those your sports headlines visit paddock Chevrolet dot com for the best online pre owned inventory sports headlines.

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