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Skyscraper to slum in some cases? Even the moment. The cities were announced as one of the hundred smart cities the began slum clearance games. Because how could you be smart if you had slums there this week? The inquiry asks us smart cities dumb. BBC news. Hello, Jerry Smith. The giant Chinese telecoms company way has filed a lawsuit in the United States saying that a ban on its equipment, violates the US constitution. The US says China could use while way to spy on five G mobile communications, a senior executive goping accused the US congress of acting unconstitutionally John Saad worth this is why away beginning the fight back. If you like and today what we heard from the hallway executives, and it wasn't just ping. There was a number of them up on stage really trying to sort of make this case that nobody has yet produced any evidence in particular, not the United States to show that while has ever acted maliciously. And so therefore, the company's argument is the US law banning while ways tech is discriminatory. And in addition, it harms US consumers because it deprives them of access to advanced technology. Thailand's constitutional court. Court has dissolved an opposition political party ahead of a national election due later this month, the thyroxine are charred party was punished. After nominating king Maha. What's your linear long? Cones? Sister Princess, Yvonne, right as its candidate for prime minister, the party was one of several contesting the election. The head of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has been expanding his vision for the future of social media stressing the importance of greater privacy. Facebook has come under far of rich use of people's data his Zoe Kleinman, it's completely moving away from this concept of Facebook being a platform that wants to get the whole world connected in another really interesting thing. He said is that he doesn't necessarily think that Facebook should store the data for very long now face looks entire business model is built around having data and mining it and using it to serve advertising say this is really quite a dramatic new direction for the companies take the British Royal Air force says it's killed or injured four thousand three hundred and fifteen enemy fighters in Iraq and Syria in its bombing campaign against the Islamic state group over the past four years, but only admitted to causing one civilian casualty defense correspondent is Jonathan Beale. The MED says the. Inflammation is based on the best available post strike analysis often that means relying on video and photos taken by aircraft flying high above the battlefield. The ministry of defence insists that RIF aircrews take extreme care to avoid civilian casualties. But action on our violence says in the cities of recor Mozell. It's highly likely that civilian harm has been under reported. It says the single civilian death must be a world record in modern conflict Jonathan Vilma reporting world news from the BBC President Trump has revoked a policy brought in by his predecessor the required. US intelligence officials to publish the number of civilians killed in drone strikes outside of war zones. President Obama introduced the policy in two thousand sixteen under pressure to be more transparent of the increasing the use of drones against terror military targets, the Trump administration says the request. Will superfluous and distracting. European Union officials have urged the British government to come up with fresh proposals on Brexit by the end of Friday to break the deadlock in talks break new seeking changes to the Bank stove, which is meant to avoid the return of physical checks on the Irish border before a second vote on the Brexit agreement on Tuesday, Nick early is in Westminster. I've got to see the signs your snow on the taught law for the government was in Brussels. And the last few days, those talks did not end. Well, the no further forward we still don't have something for him to bring back to put the government. And that means that big vote on Tuesday is looking really difficult for the prime minister says his government will be an overdrive over the next few days desperately trying to come up with something on Irish border. But it ain't going to be easy. Mexico's state legislatures have given their approval to the creation of a new national gold to fight violent crime, the constitutional amendment clears the way for the formation of a sixty thousand strong force made up of federal police, and then there's the arm the navy's policing units. Human rights groups, say the new force will militarized policing. Venezuela's opposition leader Guido has a European countries to strengthen financial sanctions against the administration of nNcholas Maduro. He said this would help prevent Venezuela money from being misused to kill opponents of the regime. BBC news. You're listening to the inquiry on the BBC World Service with me Kavita Puri each week one question four expert witnesses and an answer. It's late in the evening in downtown Rio. De Janeiro notorious gang member throws a bottle into and leaving car. They tried to get.

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