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American stories much of what's known about legendary NFL quarterback Brett farb it's been kept between the goal posts but our own Greg hanger took a drive three hours south to Hattiesburg Mississippi we broadcast from here in Oxford to learn the rest of the story as we do so often here at our American stories Brett's life what we come up with is a five part series about a lot of things this one has to do with the day on December twenty two two thousand three the day after his father's fatal heart attack in his father's name was Irving Brett Farr played in a must win Monday night football game against the Oakland Raiders far dealt with the grief in the best way you can imagine he played his heavy heart out is easy for anyone to see love of the game was one of the many reasons he was such a fan favorite but on this Monday night Brett was playing for second love love of his father your farm share with Greg Chandler third love that was present on that curricula seasoning here again is performed with part three of our five that game of all games are played and played three under twenty one games played in two super bowls by far not not even close the most pressure and the most nervous I've ever been was No clinging and it was a it had nothing to do about well I or well I'm not bloody those people were thinking leading understandably so I mean do you think you apply I knew I was gonna apply to you but I was so afraid that I would reply a one dollar my dad about playing the lights for.

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