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Saturday night on the circle on 93, WNBC. 2020 election cycle has left you depressed and disheartened. Not all the news is bad. I'm here to brighten your day a little bit with some good news to distract you from the otherwise dismal affairs. You're listening to Saturday night on the circle on your host, Ethan Hatcher doing is always by Dr David, A professor of political science at the University of Indianapolis. And if nature's your thing this is pretty cool for the first time in about 200 years. Bison are roaming free in northern Indiana, you can see over two dozen bison. They've been released earlier this fall across the 1000 acres of can icky sands nature preserves in Newton County, Indiana, the Nature Conservancy there has been planting native prairie for fauna and marsh plants since 1997 and now the culmination of their work. Has allowed for the bison to be released and roam free tank aqui Kankakee. Sorry, that's OK. Where, where? Where the buffalo roam. Well, that's Kankakee County, Indiana. Kentucky National Park, Indiana. It's now the crossroads of America is where the buffalo and bison room Also an interesting decision coming out of the state of Oregon as they were the first state to move forward, decriminalizing possession of small amounts of street drugs like cocaine and heroin and methamphetamine, while also becoming the first state to legalize the therapeutic use of psychedelic mushrooms. This is a move that was advocated by the director Cat, Cassandra Frederic of the Drug Policy Alliance, who said Today's victory is a landmark declaration that the time has come to stop the deep or stop criminalizing people for drug use. I know ultimately this position is going to be controversial. Certainly it was controversial within the county or the state. Rather, it was supported by the Democratic Party. And several doctors while being opposed by some prosecutors and the Republican Party, But I think logically People can understand these air, not exactly safe drugs understandable. But if you can understand why we don't imprison alcoholics for buying alcohol than you can understand why we should imprison addicts for buying drugs. Even while maintaining the criminality of distribution. You know the mass distribution. The small scale possession is what was legalized here, and I think that's a step in the right direction because stepping open the door. Well, if we're talking about any kind of measurement of the war on drugs, then drugs have won the war. The war on drugs has not curtailed the use or distribution of illegal substances. In the United States or the addiction to those substances, and there's ample evidence to suggest that decriminalization, if not outright, legalization, actually curtails usage of some of these dangerous substances. I would say you've got to make a distinction between soft and hard narcotics and these air, hard narcotics, and that's why I think it's dangerous. Well, the beauty of the legislative processes on the federal system is now Oregon is the nation's laboratory. Louis BRANDEIS. You're listening to Saturday night. The circle. 93 WNBC hammer Here for Indies hometown sportsbook Bet Rivers. Look, I've played on all the other sports betting APS and nobody does it better than Bette rivers. They reduce the juice. They reduce the odds on the NFL Games. Profit boosts every Sunday for the NFL, and this is what you're looking for, is the sports bettor. You want to make your wager and get the most money back possible. This is why.

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