Congressman, Ann Wagner, NBC discussed on Mark Levin



Whip Steve Scalise congressman drew Ferguson Georgia Republican congresswoman Ann Wagner of Missouri Republican chucks Iverson ABC news today I work for a few scattered showers moving into the area temperatures dipped down to near fifty tomorrow we have some morning clouds then afternoon sun highs upper seventies from NBC twelve this is meteorologist Jim Duncan for news radio I'm forty W. R. VA and I won ninety six point one FM your new policies are coming really great you have real concerns country is at a crossroads we in real time use radio W. R. V. as in real life he's call your radio the show from our new temporary number eight six six five oh five four six two six fax eight six six five one five four six two six amazing Mister producer people demanding national action right but we can't have national radio host isn't that interesting very bizarre if you ask me the research center it's one of the finest organizations I've ever worked with media research center's been leading the war against dishonest news for over thirty years because the American people deserve the truth the media.

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