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The world safer the take away from your piece in your reporting seems to be that there were there were just more tradeoffs involved in this deal than the public knew about roy it is somewhat ironic i think you know that in their efforts to make the world a safer place i have no doubt that that that they have the best of intentions going forward with this they did allow a group that was a regionallyfocussed militia slash political organization with a terrorist wing to become a much more wealthy global criminal organization that has a lot of money that can now be used to bankroll terrorist and military actions around the world to mayer a senior investigative reporter for politico his story is out now around election time you often hear that every vote counts it it's rare that turns out to be literally true however republicans have lost control of virginia state house after a recount in a race with a winning democrat got eleven thousand six hundred eight votes and her opponent got eleven thousand six hundred and seven votes now the virginia house of delegates a split fifty fifty mallory no pain from member station wvtm has more going into the recount democrat shelly finance was short tan votes but after hours of meticulous work by election officials simon's pulled past her opponent republican david yancey by just one vote i think landslides selis than's ranked you can call me anything just call me delegate speaking with reporters at the end of the day simon's says she was in all of the process and what can happen when democrats show up at the polls at i think victory really showed that when the nathan pays attention to stave we're gonna made a lot of progress the loss is just one in a series of electoral blows for republicans in november virginia democrats turned out in huge numbers electing a new governor and decimating the gop super majority in the state legislature this just gives you a sense of how big the wave was in this last election quinton kid is a political science professor at christopher newport university he says virginia hasn't he had a split legislature since nineteen seven this is really going to be a test for both parties ability to work the way voters want parties and politicians to work and that is across lines in compromising there are still two recounts pending democrats are hoping they may even gain the majority.

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