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And the espn app rockets took a big punch in the third quarter from golden state may wind up with a three point win warriors held a twelve points in the fourth quarter tied for the fewest by the warriors have playoff game in the shot clock era here's michael wilbon remind me of the the genius student that just sorta goofs around you know when things are going well i've done well this semester let me just skip a couple of days a class that's that's what the words are steve kerr after twelve oh lead he must feel the same way he called timeout when it was twelve to i mean steph curry comes over throws a bottle jay green draymond wasn't looking and steph destroyed casually and heart and goes i think it was hard and gets a lamp twelve to and and steve kerr call timeout and he said afterward that he was disappointed because he knew the lead should have been stretched and it was it same thing later in the second half twelve point lead and they just always say it seems like they hear the sweet georgia brown music in their ears and they just lose focus they just you know this is not there for a while and this team will make them pay maybe maybe san antonio without kawhi leonard last year if he got hurt and game one and they were down twenty five here san antonio oh couldn't do anything about it in cleveland couldn't do enough about it but you know houston won sixty five games in a regular season and chris paul particularly is determined to do something about that ticket vantage of those lapses and that's that's on the warriors largely for blowing those leads tonight all five warrior starters scored before the rockets managed a single point which was amazing so give me give it three straight here what it's twelve zip.

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