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Due month. Back at the broadcast cases in our brand new studio. The Paul and angel Harvey studio, and also we're working out of the art LeBow control. And just a couple of other historic moment, this brand new set of ours was donated many years ago to the museum by WGN radio. And this is the studio and I am sitting where the legendary radio hall of fame member, Wally Phillips sat in this chair. Bob Collins set in this chair, spike Odell extension seven twenty with the late Milt Rosenberg. Also used this studio. So this is a very memorable studio in the history of Chicago radio. But, again, the funding for much of it came from pollen angel Harvey and art LeBow provided the support from the control room. So again, all together we're making this available for. The where where we do this program from, and we're also making it available for radio stations around the country. So if their affiliates listening to this program, this evening would like to originate their show from Chicago at some point, certainly not on Sunday night between six and eight. Do let us to bring the show to Chicago. You can do it. And again, we're, we're literally right outside the, the radio hall of fame gallery at the museum, which will show to you in the next several weeks. But again, nice have you inaugurate as well as our guest this evening? Our brand new studio. I wanna talk about Iran. How, how can you not get to it when there's been discussions and alleged plans of one hundred twenty five thousand troops, which the president says is way too. Many too few rather, Jeannie, you are a military Europe. Captain, in the air force reserve, army reserves. Former and you have sons that serve this country and my reaction to you. My question to you is where do you come down on, on a run? I mean. You want to say obviously the first the first goal is deterrence, and that's a show force. And so that's the first step that, that President Trump is taking. And I think that's the appropriate step. He's going to the region. He's he doesn't want another Benghazi. So he's pulled out some of the ambassadorial staff. I, I think that's appropriate to the they from what I've read have real solid intelligence that Iran is up to something, and maybe not them specifically, but the satellites that they actually fund and give weapons to. So I think deterrence is obviously the first goal of the Trump administration and that anybody who says that he's leading this right into the path of a ground war. I think that is this hyperbolic, at this point, Michael Bower, which you're. I think of our politics event should be regime change. Okay. We should be doing everything possible. They have the I waiting people out the Belo's from their theory theocratic regime that being said, I think we want to go to another war. But I think the sanctions that we've imposed on man, have an extremely effective. And I think if they could be tightened, they should be tightened Christopher's. Ling. You know, Barack Obama actually imposed some pretty serious sanctions on Iran. And then they came to the table, and he relented and it was the Senator from Illinois, Mark Kirk at the time himself a United States navy reserve. Officer said, no. We've got to tighten those sanctions Mike Bauer saying tonight. And that's exactly right. And that's exactly what President Trump has done and the, the issue in the Middle East is without a doubt. The single most important security issue in the Middle East is the ongoing kleptocracy. These people are miscreants, they are abusing if it is not my place to say, as Christian, it appears to me that they were abusing their religious offices, and there's a lot of evidence to support that. And they've got some very well armed thugs who have also benefited from rock Obama's fiscal largesse. Okay. In the Iran, Ian revolutionary guard corps. And so we've got a malefactor in the middle between our friends in the Gulf, and our friend, India, and we need to. I think get them to different behavior. And if that ends up in regime change Hallelujah..

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