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I'm thankful Sereno 'cause she gives me an African American woman so much hope for what my future hose. Yeah, I was thinking about that today. I remember when Richard Williams just seen as the crazy black dude that had no business when his daughters out there. And I remember believing that when I was in high school and part of my college, I was like, oh yes, this do government his daughters lives. He's out here also Joe Jackson shit, you know, like and I got out of college and I realized like, wait, I really only heard that from white media people already in tennis that wanted me to believe that this black outsider and his family didn't belong. And he needed to hand his daughters over to white people to instruct them how to play tennis because he can never teach them the game the right way. As far as they were concern. Right. And when you see interviews with him now and stuff, you see how much of what people would label as craziness, devotion, delusional, whatever. You see how much of that was actually about protecting his daughters, right? Because he knew there was going to be on some bullshit. He didn't want him to tear them up and tear them down where they would could not be the women that they are today because I've member, they're still like an interview like years ago where I don't remember Lena Serena. One was acting like a question in a way to question with phrases, basically trying to basically attack her character or data stepped in like what you not gonna do this bullshit doing this interview, right? And see they would label him hostile and paint him as being problematic for doing shit like that because the white people that is problematic, you know? And this is not, you know, some lavar ball shit. I know you know, people were try to. Maybe painted as such, but it's not like lavar ball people. Wanna group it out together, but lavar ball signs are outsiders coming into a white sport and being judged called ugly and out his shit. He just really releasing his sons and promotes them and stuff. I'm not, you know, and believes in his shoe brand. And maybe here we'll be right in twenty years, but it's not the same battle is Richard Williams trying to get to black daughters from copying into a very white racist world. And I think in a way, only a father only another black person that was that dedicated to those girls would be able to prepare them to become Serena and Venus that we know now people that for all accounts purposes dominate the shit out of the competition while at least exhibiting a level of composure that other worldly. I mean, like I said. Said they've called her racial slurs our entire career that people talk talking about her body in negative ways and. People writing about, you know, she shouldn't be in swimsuits issues in geology, shouldn't take Instagram photos with her belly what she's pregnant, and she also should now keep in mind if Sharipova wanted to do that. That's fine. You know, Sharipova could be a whole last model and that's fine. That's just the way the game is, but it's Rena does. It is wrong. You know, people writing about her body as she has them sort of advantage that white women don't have, but they can't tell you exactly what you know. Say these other women have started lifting weights as if she has no skills, and she's just overpowering every person she plays like nice tennis is a game of skill to. Here's that interview when she was fourteen years old. No. Barry. You say to Venus. Why..

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