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I. C. U. nurse is that trickling down that is to say are the kids now being made available and what what are the implications of that are and I'd like you to do that and then check back with me on yeah absolutely one other thing I have contacted bart and asked them to install hand sanitizer dispensers and all the stations which they said they took out because of the homeless problem but you know I've had I also contacted the county supervisor to tell part to do that yeah listen to part I do know I saw a picture somewhere of their wiping down the cars they're doing regular checks and I sure as heck hope they do the same thing by the way applies to muny urgently alright listen Lisa thanks so much and and let me know really what the IC you nurse says about the cost of those cuts will give well they're absolutely thank you thank you B. J. calling from Monterey J. welcome to KGO hello John well overall what this president is doing and tries to do constantly this is sabotage and cara contradict everything Obama did and he hates them he has a you're not so basically what I want to say is that I'm in puree aided and very very troubled and upset with what is happening and what trump does meet do you do you hear it you feel my pressure and look look at these cutbacks to took place in terms of infectious disease research and so forth what president has done is no doubt you're responsible but now let me be clear I'm trying very hard not to politicize this discussion I don't want to use this discussion is a take off to go after Donald Trump what I do want people to know is that Donald Trump was wrong when he made the statement about Barack Obama that the CDC has to be more effective that up doing research and direct action to prevent this virus from growing is now the responsibility of this administration doesn't mean that they'll be able to stop the virus but it means we expect responsible action by the administration proactive action and what we'll be watching it and believe me that will be an issue in this presidential campaign exactly true and I agree wholeheartedly and and the thing is is that that's what this president did you he cut the CDC he hi you know H. H. S. and in other he did you're right what he did was wrong I don't want to be an issue and by the way after after I take the necessary after Romney's might also be a hero doing something with the stock market yeah but I don't I don't want to speculate about things like that I want to stick I'm very careful about that I agree all right here and thank you and by the way a Brian from Coos Bay I'm gonna put you up next I gotta take this break but you're talking about the fact that dollars were taken away from the CDC in November and we'll talk to Brian in just a moment I'm John Rothman right here on KGO.

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