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Sara bowling's gotta show on crtv thing i have a subscription to crtv that's where i watched michelle malkin's investigative reporting she's the best man she really is one of the best gotta get her on next week as well as of course mar levin tv which is how it got started but now there's going to be eric bolling and the show is called america and you know guys certainly got to an end with the white house the president himself called them when eric son died of opioid overdose what was it a couple of days after he was fired by fox for parents he was accused of sending a salacious photographs to or jokes of some kind to women at fox it's amazing how you know immediately he was gone and yet you can't you know you sitting around watching some of these other guys nobody's talking about him anymore and and i was glad that usually derek and i do not agree at all on most issues but we agreed that kanye west is nutty yeah he just is nutty and it was a nutty comment that he made but i think the bottom line is is just trying to you know start some conversations that need to be started and even one that he didn't wanna start about mental illness 'cause i think anybody's been prescribed seven or eight medications for his is mental health is probably needs needs to get a more realistic view of of where he's at anyway stay tuned david ray we are going to get him back on in about five minutes and we will be talking to him from the border and find out what's really happening there as the caravan about fifty people have been let in now so let's find out what's really going on on alexa simply say alexa enable news talk eight fifty w f t.

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