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Fact that it was supposed to be their home, but it was also very public space because for a long time, especially early on the bottom floor, which is kind of open to visitors. And so there were just constantly people troops into the East Room in wanting to take souvenirs and come little pieces out of the carpet, or the drapes or. Well, yeah. Wait around to see if they could find the president things like that. And the president had his office on usually on the second floor and would meet with his secretaries and his both his private secretaries and the department secretaries there. So it's really the space tell us so much about American history beyond just the traditional politics. The most people think about it talks about diplomacy, and social trends in customs talks about race relations and the economy and culture and all sorts of things in ways that one space doesn't usually do. So it's a really awesome avenue for studying history of all types. Yeah. Sure is important conic thing. Now I mean they're clearly violent small house is not as big as I thought it would be when I saw. But that's right. It is huge in its presence now prepare normal perspective. It is one of the few. Homes, that's consistently been reported to speak at which I find kind of amazing. I mean, there's probably a day by don't hear that the White House reported, this, the White House said that is practically gossip. That was a joke. You know, it's interesting that it's become. It has become such a symbol of government and such a symbol of the presidency. In a way that it as you pointed out. It really wasn't for a long time. And now you're right. It's absolutely synonymous with the presidency. It's impossible to see it in not think of it in that way. And, you know, the image it sells the most consistent activities appear normal activity that's reported of the property. So I think the most consistent is probably something having to do with Lincoln, which makes sense. I mean he's such a popular president in his death happened in such a tragic and striking sort of way, it also doesn't really help or maybe it does depending on what your perspective, is that MRs Lincoln. Mary Todd Lincoln was very into spiritualism, and so she held regular sale is at the White House. And then at their summer residence at the soldiers home. But many people have reported seeing Lincoln..

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