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Unless his in denial about it. Could be that. He justified by saying. Hey, they're all over age. I mean in his statement that he made two teams ear. Whatever I mean. He did say that he was in the wrong and. Took responsibility and got out of control or whatever, so I mean it certainly now he's aware the. Is there any evidence he's? He's had a huge growth in the past three years. As it been any evidence. Come out that he's done anything like this in the past three years. I mean. Is he actually attempting to reform himself? And it's just coming out now. It might be I think what happened is his role in the show you? Made like I think the first one that came out, she was like I saw him play this role in the show, and it was like what the fuck! That's what he did to me and that's why she wrote. Oh Dude. So I think it's quite possible. He's attempted to reform himself in the past several years. Knowing that what he was doing was wrong. But ultimately. I don't know that, yeah. I don't know that yeah. It's I. Don't recall seeing any allegations coming from the past several years. I could be totally. Just searched the La Times article in Yeah, twenty seventeen is seems to be the most recent one at least that they talk about in here so. Just feel bad for everyone involved. It's like tuned. Come on. I sat like Bro Seriously what the faulk. So. What do you think I mean it? My mind of course goes to the similarities with the Louis C. K. situation and he's like attempting a comeback with his career or whatever you think Delia will in a couple of years. We'll be able to come back, or is he just he's done. I was wondering about how compared to the Louis C.. K. Thing Louis C. K.. Apparently was receiving so I always hear conflicting things people. He says he got consent to everyone. He jerked off in front of but then I also heard that he would stand in front of a door and pull his cup before anyone gave him consent so I'm still confused on. Exactly what went down the thing about standing in front of a doors like super rape them weird. That's Kinda. Mix It, so you don't know what happens, so my doctor are not straight on the Lucy Cape. I think I. Think Louise apology was like I mean a gotTa. Love respect for his like just straight up owing. Like he Louis, I think is the only person to ever go through like this level of cancelling and just straight out. Come out fucking. Luck on everything. Sort of. Still waiting to see what exactly comeback is planning..

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