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Wear my mask right. And if they don't Have one on them, and they get turned away. That could be really frustrating, but I think hopefully people can. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail. And the Department of Public Homeland Security now also out with a new domestic terrorism alert, warning that violent extremists might take advantage of the easing of pandemic restrictions and the re opening of the nation's economy. Stage attacks. The alert does not cite any specific threats. But it does warn of domestic terrorists inspired by racial or ethnic hatred and influences from abroad and more violence in Israel. At least seven have been killed this morning in the latest Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip, three story home hit near a refugee camp in a congested neighborhood. Of Gaza City. A resident of the area says Israeli warplanes dropped at least three bombs on the house without issuing a warning ahead of time of short time later, Hamas said it fired a salvo of rockets at southern Israel. In response to that airstrike tonight, the late Kobe Bryant will be inducted into basketball's Hall of Fame. It is certain to be an emotional ceremony taking part in Kobe Bryant's Hall of Fame induction will be his widow, Vanessa, and the player Bryant. Most looked up to Michael Jordan last year in Kobe Bryant's memorial service. Jordan had tears coming down his face as he spoke in Kobe Bryant died. A piece of me died. Bryant was voted into the Hall of Fame last year. But because of the covert 19 pandemic, his induction ceremony was the late until this year. Steve Futterman, CBS News, Los Angeles and also congratulations tonight to Barbara Stevens from Bentley University. The Former women's basketball coach will also be inducted into the hall. 6 51 get some problems on the roads in the Randolph area on 93 will update that with Rob Tackler Matt Ben's has are accurate. The forecast Nick when you wake up and when you get home, give us five minutes and we'll keep you in the loop and following this developing story of Luke is a new podcast from WBC news radio. I work days a really hectic and I don't have much free time. So I rely on the group to get to the point and keep me informed. It's awesome on the I heart radio app, iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. You're roommates Vacuum for the fifth time today, But you have the $5 to Luca cravings box from Taco Bell. So his back men might as well be the salt home of purring kittens and your loud neighbors turned into a telenovela with the beefy five of their burrito in ships and not so cheese sauce Plus a medium drink, Okay? Then you best something tomorrow with the $5 to Luca Craven's box from Taco Bell..

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