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Once again, here's Dr Michael Ziglar. Thanks, mark. Once again, I have joining me in the studio, doctor professor doctor Laos Sanchez teacher of mine, friend of mine. He is the director for the center for Hispanic studies. Concordia seminary, and also professor there. Thanks again for joining us, Leo. Thank you, the bible calls. The Holy Spirit the advocate. What does that mean? Why is that good news? Well, when I think of advocates, I think of someone who steps into the fan the vulnerable. And so, I think more of the Fender courts of law. And so the world in the gospel of John is sort of accusing the ban of the cycles for their faith, and so the Holy Spirit and Thor's in, you know, and he's kind of like the Fender. And so when when the world access a judge. Against Christians for what they believe the Holy Spirit steps in as an advocate as the Fender, and he those undo it externally. But kind of in them assures them that their faith is actually not misplace their faith in Jesus is the real thing. And so we need, you know, someone to the fend this anyone who's gone through the court system as a guilty party will tell you the importance of having the Fender, come by your side. So I think that's good news. That when the world put into question, our faith, the spirit is there to strengthen us. And the reason why we show up the church to hear the word of God is because the spirit is doing his defending work, even without us knowing about it. So to me, that's good news. And Jesus says that the father will send another advocate implying that he also is, is the defender in that goes right along with him as the good shepherd. He's the one who who protects the sheep lays down his life for the sheep. And now he's given us not one, but two protectors, another protector the spirit. Yeah. Yeah. And I love the fact that this familial image there to thrown in that you will not be left alone. Orphans. So, in other words, the spirit will kind of bring you into the family, you know, maintain you, preserve you in that faith, along with the family of God, and will leave you alone. And to me, I think. That's good news to Jesus says, we will come and make our home with you. The, the father, and I by the spirit will make our home with you. Yeah. The willing of the Holy Spirit in the believer bringing him or her into that father son relationship so that, you know, through the spirit, we become sons of God and therefore, part of the family, you know, kind of we're not or fence. And I think that brings a lot of comfort is, is not just that the spirit is advocating for us when we're attacked for our faith, but the he though, so in the context of community communities kind of upholding us as we live, as followers of Christ in the world and that community is the family of God. We, we become what Jesus is naturally the sun. We become by adoption. Yeah. The end of John, you have Jesus on the cross in those son. Here's your mother, mother. Here's your son. I mean, in that sense that is sort of fulfillment of the promise that you will not be left alone orphans, because the Holy Spirit has not put you into the church. And so, you know, son, here's your mother, mother. Here's your son. That's picture of the church, and this is often the places where we were sustained by the spirits remain faithful and to remain a witnesses in the world. Even when everything around says, what you believe is kind of crazy doesn't make any sense. But the spirit in the defenses against those kinds of thoughts and, and he keeps us nurtures us to be faithful people you've written a book recently, titled sculptor spirit. And in the book you reference studies that would suggest that the common narrative. That America's becoming more and more secular and will continue to do so is probably not the case. In fact, that America will remain Christian predominantly, but it will look more like the Christianity of the global south what does your work have to, to say to that challenge in that opportunity? Number one is that even the North America? There are many studies say that people are interested in spirituality, but again spirituality define how right so in some ways that requires us to think more deeply about where we anchor our spiritual talk. So the Holy Spirit in the book. I argue the spirit, those through Christ is wish anchor spirituality, talk now, people from the global south, they took spiritual realities a lot. So we still need to anchor that in some story. Right. And so we need to prepare for that. Not everyone who claims to have a spiritual experience. Is necessarily someone who speaks for the Holy Spirit. Right. And so, I think when to prepare to help people discern the Holy Spirit actually doing in their lives for that we need to see what the Holy Spirit Jesus life. And then what the spirits on in our lives to shape in us, the presence of the south in the United States, I think, in vices to think more, deeply about what the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of people. So be discerning and be thankful. That's right. That's right. Thank.

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