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And in part of the reason that the curator's in and president moon choi thought that she was the right one. So i'm curious to see what they what they come out with. They have a plan. They have a program in place. They have an ability to try to teach kids about you. Know the financial side of these things and those are all good to have a system in place but what i'm curious about is what what companies. What supporters stepped forward at miami. We've seen a gym. Say we wanna put the non scholarship football players You know we want to give them a deal. we've seen other other companies ellsworth's to hey every player on the roster's going to get something from us. We haven't seen something like that mizzou. Maybe there is a business company within the state within saint louis or kansas city. That wants to step up. Put mizzou on the map with something like that. That would be huge and that would be a big win for her. Early in her tenure. If that can happen can you believe we're about a month away from when the blues report to camp m. and there's what he's still hanging out i guess have a hell of a koumba session plan if he's gonna be a he's gonna be in that in that camp You know i. I have a hard time believing that there will be like official team functions with him a part of it however unless something changes than They're kinda just seemed to be locked into a holding pattern here It's a risk you know bringing somebody who has had such a kind of a negative off season toward the team back into the fold and the risk is that you kind of contaminate the season. You're about to start. I guess the upside of it is. You may be an injury happens elsewhere or maybe you know. Some situation showers elsewhere. There's other teams that are in tough spots with either you know guys that are bumping up against the cap or you got the jack eichel situation in buffalo maybe that boils over and armstrong as well positioned to to make a deal but He doesn't i guess like the cards. He has on his table now. So he's kinda sitting on them. But i'm fascinating to see how he plays out dan. I just can't imagine. I cannot imagine that maybe there's a practice or two. Maybe there's a whole camp. But i can't imagine that by the time game. Start that this guy is going to be around. But maybe i'm wrong. Yeah we'll find out. What are you working on this weekend. On the in the post-dispatch well. I got a good column. Hope if i right. If i don't mess it up I had a really good talk with. Travis ford this week about where he's at his team's going to be a big. You know a whole new. Look this year with jordan. Goodwin and hassan. French gone travis. Also you know still kind of figuring out how to put the pieces together after the loss of his nephew ford who is on his staff and had a really good talk with travel about where he's at where this team's going hope folks will check that out in sunday's post-dispatch will have plenty of coverage of racing this weekend and also the cardinals in the hall of fame induction so tons of stuff coming in st l. today in the pages of the pd. All right man looking forward to it and We'll catch up next friday dunn's go talk to you soon. You got it. That's been fredriksen of the post-dispatch were brought to you by blue tail medical group..

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