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People's voices sharing sharing their experiences achievement cripes and beliefs these of the real stories of Aboriginal and Tar Strike on Australia. Hi I'm Mary Santa. And you're listening to the real podcast series in this episode. I'm chatting with writer and Poet Ellen venning even. I think I've pronounced that correctly. I'm getting a thumbs up when thing you've just mentioned of Mike before we got on just how much smarter you off than the rest of us when you book travel that you try and fly in the middle of the day because it's less like being a part of this big messy machine. I don't know if it's Ma more than dislike of a precious but lack. I definitely prefer to fly during the day. Hey like crowds Just feeling more lack person who has some personal personal space and not part of this like I told you machine of like yeah sort of flying can feel a little bit. I don't know like you just hope it on a bus. These days can feel so lack ordinary but I just think I'm lack win like for my parent's inst- generation like how like like special. It was to fly and the like got up got dressed up and everything to go on the plane and stuff so Yeah for me. It's like a big deal I'm not too good with travel because at slack it's artificial it's like it Moving too fast. Like to sort of do a few sort of grounding steps before I to someone else's country and and sort of tried. Yeah so they feel my way through that. And that's what I love about token to you already that you just saw observant Of Your surroundings roundings and pace of life and I suppose that's part of being a Russia Yeah I think so. I think Riders Yeah Really The head say And so yeah that was. That's always been the way that I sort of. Look look at the world yeah. We've just too many thoughts. Maybe and what are some of those granting steps that you do to kind of Acknowledge Bang on country. Yeah well when I was I coming here now on Kgo country I was outside your studio and There's a beautiful paperbark tree just outside And I could hear this a really annoying noise and I looked above me and I could see one of those noisy mynah birds Sort of like picking at the tree and that is sort of like watch this this little guy for a little little while What Ching him sort of make his mark on the tree And it was just through that really like little moment where I was like okay. I'm here I'm in this place. I've been here before I know the smell of this place Annoy the taste of this place and I know that my ancestors a here with me as I made that travel To yet to make sure that I have safety not in that space. So yeah and that's one thing we definitely get from reading your work that Not only observation that love of country and that talking about what connection and being aware of and burnaby wealth as days where you could hardly actually have never noticed the trae at the front of our office. And we've been here for three two years and I will not we'll pass it in the future and not notice it and look for a bird so thank you for that reminder but how important is it to stop and be aware and great forty. Think yeah I think it can like help hate in this like condition that we're living in that slack so busy so fast paced taste And sorry like capitalist I guess And Yeah thinking of a city like Sydney this. This beautiful play This yeah this country is is really strong and And if we all sort of acknowledge The WHO's mob whose mobs land that were that were on And gain in a little bit more knowledge of of that mob and and their their love for the land then we can sort of just bring that into our everyday lives lives really easily. I think. And thank you for helping us to do that. Three writing. Can you tell us a little bit about your mouth and where you're from. Yeah I'm a very proud Mellon Jolly Sally person from the language Group which is You know south of Brisbane SCENIC GRIMM goal karst The sort of just just getting onto the border of New South Wales Beautiful country if I may say of course I'm biased. we've got the mountains is C- Rivers a melon jolly countries between the Logan and Albert rivers and Yeah the border ranges of South Wales and Queensland. And we've got what my cousin Kohl's DOC soil black soil country because of The volcano So you know we have this. I really fertile soil and it's a really Important like biodiverse area And I I grew up in southeast Queensland. Sorry I've never been too far away from country and From family and it's something that I feel really privilege to have had And that's on my mother's side so my mom on both of her parents original and then my dad is Dutch and my dad migrated here in the early nineties. Yes So having a really big aboriginal family and really big Dutch family There's just been. Yeah just been part of who I am and have birth leads. The family had a reunion. Yeah well what's really beautiful is My Grandmother's mothers go to meet each other. A House officials that So my Oma on my dad's mom She's she's quite odelay a But she decided that she you know she never been on an aeroplane before but she wanted to make her grandchildren And she even started like taking English lessons and stuff so she could like communicate and Yes so she should never be played before And like my dad just didn't know how she was GonNa Gar. Sorry I'm yes. She took it to the doctor and she. It got some valium and probably she just went straight out pay yeah came here To a whole nother country and This was yeah this was when I was. I guess maybe eight years old and my brother was five and We invited my Nanna. My Mum's mum over and I just remember my two grandmothers sitting On a back Dick Looking at the Bush behind us and I don't they probably couldn't really lack talk much but we'll like not in like verbally I believe but just slack. Yeah it was just a really beautiful moment that I'm really glad that I got to witness. I guess yeah. I'm on behalf of my grandmother's poss- now actually all my grandparents saw And that's what's bad. Isn't it having those kind of moments in memory. Anyway you Kinda go that was special and and also one of those as you get older you kind of create more and more. Yeah Yeah it's epic and I'm really glad that my mom like reminds me of things like when I sought to show will have a Jahn about Nana and show lack told me the Islamic funny things not used to sail at these one liners or whatever and In that way like Cape Lack remembering and it keeps sort of staying staying president And as you get older you're sort of perspective shifts I guess and it becomes even more important to like hold onto those memories memories. And what was it like growing up in South East Queensland. Oh Yeah I love I love. I love the weathe- a love the humidity I love Yeah the the water I love yeah just air and everything and And also I guess just how sporty it is. Because I'm like pretty sporty myself So yeah and these things you sort of learn because I spent two years in Melbourne Cy. The contrast was really clear. And I got to sort of learn about the things that I appreciated about harm and and and then also also the new things that I was appreciating when living on the land of the Coordination Moments I. Yeah was there a moment when you knew that writing was exactly what you wanted to do with your life so good question. I think it was pretty young. Hey that riding sort of came to me I because my mom she lacked keeps things blessed. She's she had this little Thing that I had you drawn and school widow. So what do you want to be when you grow up. And I'd written of writer. I think you know I think I was. It's like five or something Yeah Really Young I just really loved reading As a kid and yeah mom would dislike. Put a book in front of me and I would to speak totally engrossed in Yeah in in in writing and and then sort of had my own stories in my head from yeah from pretty young. I guess that's so special to know at that age and then to have kind of rolled out exactly what you wanted to be. I think that's increasingly rare but actually talented. What you thought you wanted to at five five is another thing again What do you find most challenging about writing Yeah I find it really overwhelming coming. Because there's a lot of things that I want to write about I feel lack this so much like injustice in this country and I wish that poetry and writing Roy ways to combat that just injustice or to heal oh and I'm not sure if it can ever be enough so I just do the little bits that I can and try not to let I guess all of the things that I see around me overwhelming Would you ever write for play or film movie inserted brain kind of your woods to life a little bit more in and you kind of saying that you wish that it was more than just woods injustice They other avenues of storytelling telling that you would want to potentially explore. Yeah I think like drama and film I really powerful modes of storytelling. And it's definitely something thing that I've been sort of playing around with recently. TESA have to sort of keep you in. That's exciting maybe. Maybe we could do a follow up podcast when you're allowed to talk about it. Maybe I don't even know what she's talking about yesterday. I don't know anything everyone out there listening today. I'm but yeah when I kind of raid I got. I know this is good but I just don't have to know how you'll go to why this is just such a a skill and I know that you've been an editor as well so How have you kind of grown in your craft over the years? Yes so Like a real young man. I just knew the elect writing. I didn't know how or why or like what I wanted to write. A bad I sort of yeah I was I would read stuff And I decided that I would that I wanted to study riding at Uni So I went to Ki t And Yeah just sort of ran into previous a low key to yes. I think we WANNA started added the same year Sorry who is who is mad because those are awesome bunch of us at the New Knuckle unit their original staff and students And Yeah that's when I started off. WHO's this who's this huge Rueda? Knuckle Person Listen. You know who. Who are these people 'cause we didn't learn about them at school even though it would have been highly relevant and deadly sadly and and would have really you know helped I think as a young person saw like cool or I Went to library good out On a your drew's work Alkaline fogarty Samuel Begum Watson Lisa These average Maradas that I didn't know about no one sort of at a point in that direction An.

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