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Hate to do you're gonna wait spaceman up out of a dead sleep what he did on the line out right now I wanted to also G. T. E. all a really long out there you should know about numerous Elvis sightings yeah might be on the fish walked out there will bank Mississippi he's at a table with a full plate of fish and then wait for somebody to come up and double on those bones and you know it's hard to say but usually two or three times a week get clean now they say that from there the man who who to follow back before wandering out there so J. D. appearing here you go on the fish shack interesting I mean there's a lot of people out there still believe this day that the that whole thing with alpha so kicking the bucket at such an early age all hopes to get him so that have a good rest of his life living the high life at all is K. from going out there and entertaining some little honky tonks and slip sliding around in this guy's a I don't know there's any bill what did he do that but I mean who knows well here in our brand new to the other day and I was checking out meet Johnny Cash Christmas special nineteen seventy seven now this was the first Christmas after L. with passed in August sixteenth that year and I'll tell you that the talent he took them from the grand old Opry and they didn't spend Christmas in Bethlehem and Jerusalem matter and on stage that night which Johnny Cash courts given and Carter yeah your own person Ron Roy Clark and you have the phone will brothers and and even Jerry Lee Lewis and I don't think there's ever been in a fumble search now you're all it was it was just fantastic I watched it was about forty five minutes of yes good holiday Christmas cheer classic country and it's hard to say Danes music and is currently involving with the technology to the point where one not social where the music begins in the technology start but you could tell on the grand Ole Opry when they're on stage that's music to listen and to look at the matter what error try and and I just have to say that I wish television when when it was in its heyday would we still have some of that some of that now on the air it's it's not like your show here you you Hey there to primarily of the driving force in this country the truck and and you look cool with the politics I stayed away from politics bite my lip doctors say anything but you know you've got American Eagle I'm happy he's making money it's a gang busters logo a common not since the go go eighties that we sing section surgeon in employment and and earning money credited to us well when I I can't tell you how much if only it were right now our country is at a crossroads and we can go one way well we can maybe yes hope to bring it back somewhat and I I don't want to see everybody rushing ahead with gang busters and we're going to have to let this play out the Senate next pretty much a foregone conclusion you know you get two or three like you've got well we got Romney you've got merit trials in that town you don't want to go through them to fall over it and the moment starts the building then you got you bring in all couple under usually it gets higher yeah yeah Hey Hey RB John Hey look I got put on hold mix I gotta take a break here but you bring up some interesting things saw comment on that but let's go and take a little short break and we'll be back right here T. T. attention all truckers dean Michael the tax doctor here I want to talk to you about those dreaded tax problems I know you want to keep on Truckin not even think about them but let's face it they're not going away on their own you.

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