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Com for details on a quite cool whole house fan that's QC Colorado dot com I'm more going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news press one to stay for the rest of the afternoon partly to mostly sunny with just some isolated thunderstorms later today a high around ninety degrees tonight down to sixty five tomorrow will be in the low nineties mostly sunny maybe an isolated storm same thing for Sunday will fall back to the upper eighties early next week and a better chance of storms will eventually into the forecast from CBS for a meteorologist Chris beers on KO a news radio it is starting to cloud up we've got eighty two degrees in Aurora the president announcing a new trade deal with the European Union with more American beef being sold in Europe he says sales will increase forty six percent in the first year with even a bigger jump after that over seven years they will increase by another ninety percent in total the duty free exports will rise from one hundred and fifty million dollars to four hundred and twenty million dollars an increase of over one hundred eighty percent yesterday the president said his administration will impose new to US of ten percent on three hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods starting next month stock still diving on trade fears the Dow industrials off one hundred sixty eight points the S. and P. five hundred losing twenty six of the nasdaq down one thirty one on next year's ballot you'll likely see a measure to strike down a new state law that would have Colorado's nine presidential electoral votes go to the candidate who wins the national popular vote Coloradans vote has turned in nearly double the signatures needed to make the ballot fake McNulty explains why they believe being tied.

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