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The president was a evasive when asked about being tested. Including whether he took a test The day of the first debate as the president of the commission on Presidential Debates required. The U. S. Is now in its third surge of covert 19 and some governors are worried in Mexico. In Wisconsin governors urging residents to stay home. Wisconsin's Tony Evers is becoming a life and death for folks in the state of Wisconsin. Not just about the economy in New Mexico food and drink establishment serving alcohol must close at 10 PM and maximum occupancy for hotels is being reduced. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says there's the worst situation the state's been in Oklahoma, seeing hospitals fill up Chuck's Iverson. ABC News, A private security guard, accused in the fatal shooting of a protester in Denver, has been charged with second degree murder. Matthew Dolan, who was hired to protect a TV news crew claims he acted in self defense. China's ambassador to Canada is warning the Trudeau government not to grant asylum to Hong Kong residents fleeing widely criticized national security law imposed by Beijing. The diplomat called the protesters violent criminals and says giving them asylum would be interfering in China's internal affairs. You're listening to ABC News 69. Let's get a check of your traffic and weather together. Right now we began with kfbk disdain has brought you by the Roseville Auto mall and things still very heavy on eastbound Cap city. It is getting more jammed up in midtown and you got about a 14 minute ride. Maybe even longer as you go from 50 to 80, but you're out of the traffic. Basically, by the time we get to the American River westbound slow from just before Expo two just across the river sweat to Roseville, nine minutes, no delays whatsoever. Downtown L Grove 11 minutes on high five and about 14 minutes on 99 that start to clear up nicely going to Folsom 18 minutes on. He's found 50 17 minute ride to Woodland north on I five in downtown Davis would be about nine minutes on the westbound 80 still have some slowing coming through Davis around Mace, the giant factory certified pre owned sales event in Roseville. Autumn. All continues. 17 dealers with 20 brands are offering you the best pricing ever. You'll save thousands on the best of the best at the Roseville autumn, all driven to be the best traffic on the tens, Every 10 minutes mornings.

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