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Make. Weapons of mass destruction. Year right right. Listen let's be fair for me because everybody sitting here you know. I love that Quiet quiet says on bubby savio sexual right. I got that right. Yeah okay. So i'm safe. You'll sexual that. That's smart people do stupid things when it comes to especially kenya. One billion all made decisions. Can we say okay. Great made them ask decisions. We all thought oh okay. Will you know okay. This is good. We're gonna be together. Whatever whatever they nobody said nothing about being together. You just assumed you know so. We've all done the dumb things and we did it because just what. just what. Queen at air corps were taught this this construct of a standard. You know some women. Some young women talk that their body is currency. You know so you give him what he won't he'll give you what you need last complete an utter lies and there are. Some women are taught to lock down so hard that big out on a chance. He bill would electric fence. And if anybody get to is okay but then by the same token the lot of times those are the same people that are so emotionally bankrupt that when they get remotely close so so they so they get close to people but then they pulled away like we've got to find the balance balance like eighteen times a night but we've got to find the balance in deciding what's okay for you you know you shouldn't have to especially as a woman you shouldn't have to have sex under duress where you're thinking. This is what i gotta do. It ain't what i wanna do. This is what i gotta do because some idiot told you on the on the ninety first day if you waited three months then he you can have sex now and there are some other fools that oh no is three dates and so you're on the fourth day going and so i might look. Remove the timetable. Say this is my body. I can do with what i want to because i am in full command and control of my decisions and i understand the value of who i am and i don't have to give anybody anything for the sake of him. Valuing me if we could get that construct to go with a bottle that up and happy people. Drinking that put that in a vending machine will wouldn't even even have to have these conversations here now. We're here now. can i say something. Real quick yeah go ahead short little just wanted to say when you initially a question i was a little if on like i was kind for it but like now that i'm here in the conversation in really thinking more about it is like i feel like yes. You should be female. What women should be more open.

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