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A high of fifty five degrees though that's not bad the sun will be out there and we'll have a high fifty five a clear a low of thirty seven then tomorrow saturday partly cloudy and a high of only fifty two degrees michael those current temperature well right now at penn station baltimore it's fifty forty two and hamster and coming up on the news of by 30 former officer indicted for planting evidence hurry time now for birthday quiz some historical if not hysterical headlines here this morning before we get to that we lost the tv favorite the last night jim neighbors dying at the age of eighty seven actually died on wednesday and we just got news of a overnight that he had passed away eighty seven years old everybody remembers him onshore as gomer pyle on the andy griffith show he is survived by his longtime partner of thirty eight years dan stan vainly slaying cad that lawmaker cad while otter whom he married i didn't know this in two thousand thirteen when gay marriage became legal in washington early lived lived in our hawaii as you did anke owned of macadamia nut farmer i heard a lisbon in hawaii and i think he may have performed there once it allows sharrow charo whenever and aim was she also with all your earlier and i think he he he appeared with her a few times in hawaii but way relies you don't think we lost were playa last night or this week rather at the age of eighty seven now for the birthday quits we have a academy awardwinning actor and writer and director woody allen has a birthday today as those singer and actress one of our favorite i was saying that basicially bet medlar bet miller bet nadler bend met neuro woody allen woody owlry avalanche there would i would say hey veteran william ideas actionable shut up eighty two today but but failed not too far behind she seventy two years of age looking at the somebody historical headline so yes date in nineteen 55 this black.

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